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Drug Demand Reduction

The Civil Air Patrol Drug Demand Reduction Program assists units at all levels to instill an aggressive, positive, drug-free attitude in CAP members, Air Force families, DoD civilians and school-age children through a comprehensive program that:

•     Promotes CAP as a positive community service lifestyle.

•     Encourages youth to remain in school.

•     Focuses on drug abuse awareness, education and prevention.

•     Provides positive activities as an alternative to drugs and gang violence.


Contact NCWG's DDROs for assistance with your DDR program!


Important DDR Publications/Links

CAPR 52-22: Drug Demand Reduction Program

DDR Smartbook: How to administer the DDR program

National DDR Website 

How to submit an After Activity Report on eServices 

DDRx Activity Guide


Program Requirements (CAPR 52-22)

Each cadet and composite squadron or flight will:

(1)Integrate a drug-free message into any special weekend activities, whenever practical (see CAPR 52-16, paragraph 4-3b).

(2)Submit AARs for DDR activities via eServices (see paragraph 3-6).

(3)Conduct at least two DDR activities annually, one of which must be an outreach activity (see paragraph 1-5c).

NCWG CP asks that an AAR be submitted in eServices within 15 days of all DDR events.  Each squadron should submit at least two DDR AARs per fiscal year, one of which is an event for outreach.


Outreach Activities

• Red Ribbon Week Campaign

• Red Ribbon Leadership Academy

• National Night Out (

• Activities in concert with the DoD STARBASE, D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and the U.S. Navy DEFY (Drug Education for Youth) programs

• Activities in service to military Family Support/Readiness Centers or civilian youth centers

• Informational displays and the “Cadet Ken” walk-around inflatable at air shows, county fairs, parades and similar civic events

• Model rocketry, model aircraft, astronomy and similar aerospace activities led by CAP members for the benefit of the community, provided the activity emphasizes the drug-free message

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