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Chaplain appointment checklist


                          Chaplain Application Checklist


Qualifications needed for a chaplain appointment:


____      1.   A chaplain must receive ecclesiastical endorsement by a person who is listed with the Armed Forces Chaplain Board (AFCB).


____      2.   The endorsement may be on DD Form 2088 (Certificate of Ecclesiastical Endorsement) or it may be in letter form and should be submitted by the endorsing agency directly to NHQ Chaplain Corps.


____      3.   A fully ordained or qualified priest, rabbi, or minister of religion.


____      4.   Actively engaged in - or retired from - a denominationally approved vocational; and recommended as being spiritually, morally, intellectually, and emotionally qualified to represent the applicant’s religious body as a chaplain in the Civil Air Patrol.


____      5.   Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a college or university listed in the American Council on Education (ACE).


____      6.   Completed 3 years of graduate professional educational work at a graduate school that is in the ACE.


____      7.   The Chief, CAP Chaplain Corps may grant a waiver to those who do not meet the graduate study requirements providing they meet all other requirements and present proof of at least 5 years of full time equivalent experience as a pastor or similar role within their denomination. Waiver requests must be submitted in writing and must include a verifiable resume.


Documents required with submission of CAP FORM 35 (Chaplain Application):


____      1.   Complete CAPF 35 with signatures of Squadron Commander, Wing Chaplain, and Region Chaplain


____      2.   Official transcripts of each degree

***Original mailed to NHQ CAP/HCA at the address below***



____      3.   Ecclesiastical endorsement (DD FORM 2088 or letter)

***Original mailed to NHQ CAP/HCA at the address below***


____      4.   Copy of ordination certificate


____      5.   Verification of CAP Senior Member Status


____      6.   Documentation that Level One courses (Foundations Course, Cadet Protection Program Training, Operations Security Awareness Training, and Equal Opportunity Training) have been completed


*** If Applicable ***


____      7.   Written waiver request from applicant and verifiable resume (including contact information for individuals who can verify pastoral experience)


____      8.   Form 2 signed by Wing Commander IF member is prior military and wants to retain their active-duty rank

(See requirement #9)


____      9.   Copy of active duty or retiree identification card or retirement papers showing officer rank in addition to  Form 2 (See requirement #8)


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