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Welcome to the North Carolina Wing Disaster Services Page.  Civil Air Patrol Disaster Services, also known as Disaster Relief, or DR, currently comprise the following programs and Opportunities to Serve:

  • Points of Distribution - The organized distribution of life-saving commodities such as food and water to the general public following a major disaster.  This program is run in partnership with the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management Logistics Section. NCEM
  • Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) - Citizens with disaster related training designed to assist when Public Safety resources are otherwise unavailable during a disaster. This program is part of Citizencorps, a citizen program coordinated by the Federal Government. CERT
  • SkyWarn - stormspotting program based on the National Weather Service (NWS) SkyWarn program.  This is a home-based program with trained CAP stormspotting personnel relaying weather information to their local National Weather Service office.  More information on the SkyWarn program can be found HERE 
  • Logistics Liaison Team (Currently suspended) - NC Wing CAP has partnered with NCEM Logistics to provide specially trained personnel to do the following:
    • assist local governments with warehousing operations during a disaster to coordinate the receipt, and dispatching of commodities to PODs and other distribution operations.
    • Work alongside NCEM Logistics personnel in the State EOC.
    • Provide critical manpower at the NCEM Logistics warehouses providing communications, management, and coordination with NCNG personnel.
    • Set up and manage temporary warehousing operations during wide-scale disasters requiring additional storage and distribution of commodities to local governments.
  • American Red Cross Support
    • Damage Assessment
    • Shelter Management and Support
  • Aviation-based Disaster Services-
    • Aerial Digital Imagery
    • Evacuation Route Overwatch/Assessment
    • Communications Support/Relay
    • Other Support Flights
      • Supplies
      • Medicines
      • Inter-agency Personnel
      • SAR-Dog Teams
      • Etc.

A disaster is an occurrence such as a hurricane, tornado, storm, flood, high water, wind driven water, tidal wave (tsunami), earthquake, drought, blizzard, pestulence, famine, fire, explosion, volcanic eruption, building collapse, commercial transportation wreck/spill, terrorist attack, or other situation that causes human suffering or creates human needs that the victims cannot alleviate without assistance.

Civil Air Patrol assistance can be obtained through the:

CAP National Operations Center 24/7/365 at 1-888-211-1812, extension 300

or through the

Air Force National Security Emergency Preparedness Office at 1-800-851-3051.

Local Emergency Managers needing Civil Air Patrol support can make the request through the State EOC watch center or online via WebEOC.

The official requesting CAP assistance and support must be of sufficient authority to commit funds for reimbursement of expenses. If the mission is assigned by the Air Force, then the Air Force will provide those reimbursement funds to CAP directly.  Air Force Assigned Missions recieve priority over all other missions. During a Presidentially Declared disaster, in which FEMA has been activated, funding for CAP disaster relief operations is normally covered through that federal channel.

Beyond the formal programs listed above, Civil Air Patrol, in general is able to provide:

  • Aviation support, either through the transport of personnel, supplies, and equipment with our fleet of Cessna-type aircraft.  Light-cargo hauling can also be done with payloads of up to 1,500 lbs depending on the density altitude and aircraft availability. Digital aerial photography services as a damage assessment tool are also available using state of the art digital camers and GPS geotagging abililty.
  • Personnel resources to fulfill a wide variety of staffing needs whether it be to disperse supplies, to staffing shelters, to assisting with food operations.
  • Radio Communications (both short and long range)
  • Ground transport - North Carolina has a readily available fleet of 10 and 12 passenger vans for transporting personnel and equipment wherever needed.

Civil Air Patrol is uniquely positioned to provide resources on an expanding scale since CAP is a national organization, with some 60,000+ members and other resources across the country.

NC Wing Disaster Services is on Facebook!  HERE


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