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End of Year Awards Process


Rules and Best Practices – End Of Year Awards

Do you know someone who is deserving of recognition for and “End Of the Year” award but you don’t know exactly how to get started? Well, you are in the right place.

Deadline to Wing: 15 Jan 2018.  All EOY awards must be submitted to your individual Group Commander.  They may have an earlier deadline, please check with them.

All nominations are due to Wing by 15 Jan 2018.  Any award submitted after that date or incomplete will not be considered. Groups are responsible for submitting all awards to Wing. 

Only one award nomination per category will be accepted from each Group. Wing Staff may submit one nomination directly to the Wing Director of Personnel as long as that award is covered under their directorate.

Squadrons will submit award nominations to their respective Group by whatever date the Group has mandated.  

A list of all EOY awards can be found by clicking here.


Click here to see previous award winners

1.    Start by choosing the award for which you want to nominate the member.

2.    Next, select the proper form.

·         Aerospace Education Officer of the Year – CAPF129

·         Aerospace Education Teacher of the Year – CAPF128

·         Cadet of the Year and Cadet NCO of the Year – CAPF58

·         Brewer Awards – CAPF25

·         AFA AE Cadet of the Year – CAPP 15 page 44

·         All other EOY Awards – CAPF120


3.     Begin with an opening sentence.
(Example) 2d Lt Anne Strong, of the Example Composite Squadron, is nominated for the Safety Officer of the Year Award.

4.     Next, describe, in complete sentences and in paragraph form, why the member is deserving of this award.

It may help to answer some of the questions below when formulating your thoughts. Pick the ones you think apply to the person being nominated.

– What does this member do for the unit?
– What is challenging about the position?
– What is special about their performance?
– Why do you believe the member is deserving of special recognition?
– What is this member doing that is above and beyond what is expected in his/her position?
– What obstacles (if any) has the member successfully overcome in the position?
– How has the member’s contributions helped their squadron, group and/or wing?
– What are some specific accomplishments, initiatives, improvements or achievements the member has brought about/completed/attained in the position?
– How has the member’s work in CAP helped people/groups outside of CAP? (This could apply, for example, to Aerospace Education and DDR Officers.)
– Use numbers to describe the accomplishments, such as time spent on a project, flying hours, number of members recruited, amount of money saved, etc.

5.     Lastly, write a closing such as:
(Example) Given these achievements, I strongly recommend that 2d Lt Anne Strong be recognized as the Safety Officer of the Year for 2017.

After completing the Justification section, enter your information (name, grade and title) at the bottom of the page.  The form will allow you to choose your grade from a pick-list.

Now it is time to submit the nomination!

Things to remember:

1.     It is possible the people reviewing the awards do not know the nominee. So, be specific and do not assume the reader will know anything about the nominee.

2.     Write in complete sentences. (No bullet points.)

3.     Fill-out the form as completely as possible and proofread your work before submitting.

4.     All nominations will be submitted to your Group Commander

5.     Ask questions, if you have them. You can contact the Wing Director of Personnel at

6.     You can submit a rough draft of your award nomination for feedback by , prior to 15 Dec.

7.     Nominations received past the deadline of 15 Jan 2018 or incomplete nominations will not be considered. (Anything less than four sentences in the justification section is considered incomplete).

8.     For even more advice on creating awards nominations, view the complete CAPP 39-3, June 2010, “Awards Made Easy” . 

Thanks to MDWG for the bulk of this content.