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Encampment Student Assignments

 2018 Summer Encampment Student Flight Assignments

Congratulations on being quick enough to sign up before all of the slots were filled!  This is certainly a record as registration was only open for just over 2 days.  Now here are a few things that require your action.



  1. Submit payment (if you haven't done so already) by 30 May.
  2. If you plan to use the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP), you need to sign up for that ASAP.  We will see when you have signed up and will hold your spot. 
  3. Submit all required forms by 30 May.  We will reply to you within 3 days acknowledging receipt and if there are any problems.  If you have not heard from anyone after 3 days please send an email to asking for a status.
  4. If we do not receive your completed forms and payment by 30 May you will likely lose your spot to someone else so make sure that you get this taken care of.
  5. Start exercising.  You will have to PT every morning and it will be warm so be prepared.  Also reduce your caffeine and sugary drink intake.  Neither are allowed at encampment and having caffeine withdrawal is not fun.
  6. The packing list is available on the encampment website that you went to in order to register.  Start putting your stuff together.  If it is not on the list then do not bring it.  The packing list is the minimum.  You can bring more than the recommended items if you feel that you need to.
  7. Be ready to have fun and work.  Encampment is not easy but it is not basic training either.  You will have to work but you will have fun and most likely will make friends that will last a lifetime.
  8. Everyone (unless you have a documented physical limitation) will go through Urban Direction Finding (UDF) training during encampment.  No extra gear is required.  We are only covering the "Advanced Training" items so you will need to do the following if you want to actually be UDF qualified:
    1. Go to to see all required tasks.
    2. Complete General Emergency Services training
    3. Complete the Familiarization and Preparatory Training section
    4. Complete Introductory Communications User Training (ICUT)
    5. Have your squadron commander sign off SQTR
    6. If you have questions about how to do this, ask your squadron ES Officer or leadership.  They can help you better that we can.
  9. Encampment information can be found at and the links on the right side of that page
  10. Follow the encampment Facebook page at and pass this on to your family and friends so they can see what you are doing at encampment.  We have some great activities planned and some awesome surprises.
  11. Please direct any questions you have (including any question about this email) to .  Please do not call unless it is an emergency. 



Thank you all for signing up.  It is going to be a great encampment! 


CAP Grade Last name First Name Flight Assignment
C/Amn Anspach Benjamin Charlie LDR Flight
C/Amn Broadbent Jr. Henry Charlie LDR Flight
C/A1C Collie Graham Charlie LDR Flight
C/A1C Erickson Sam Charlie LDR Flight
C/A1C Gartin Seth Charlie LDR Flight
C/Amn Marsh Leah Charlie LDR Flight
C/Amn Peterson Victoria Charlie LDR Flight
C/SrA Polking Christian Charlie LDR Flight
C/Amn Riley Ethan Charlie LDR Flight
C/Amn Rogers Michael Charlie LDR Flight
C/Amn Skinner Jaikob Charlie LDR Flight
C/Amn Tucker Trevor Charlie LDR Flight
C/Amn Vermillion Anastasia Charlie LDR Flight
C/SrA Wisnewski Montana Charlie LDR Flight
C/SSgt Arends Hannah Delta LDR Flight
C/A1C Baxter Suhayb Delta LDR Flight
C/SrA Carraway Steven Delta LDR Flight
C/A1C Dolan Caleb Delta LDR Flight
C/A1C Donovan Keegan Delta LDR Flight
C/Amn Escobal Noelle Delta LDR Flight
C/Amn Maas Joel Delta LDR Flight
C/Amn Murphy Paul Delta LDR Flight
C/TSgt Ordonez Nicholas Delta LDR Flight
C/Amn Roberts Nathan Delta LDR Flight
C/Amn Smart Jesse Delta LDR Flight
C/Amn Williams Jonah Delta LDR Flight
C/SrA Ahrens Jaynie Echo LDR Flight
C/A1C Breakfield Jake Echo LDR Flight
C/Amn Brown Colby Echo LDR Flight
C/Amn Elrod Preston Echo LDR Flight
C/Amn Ericsson Sophia Echo LDR Flight
C/SrA Garcia Josiah Echo LDR Flight
C/Amn Habal Kamal Echo LDR Flight
C/Amn Lamonds Eli Echo LDR Flight
C/SSgt Normile Silas Echo LDR Flight
C/A1C Price Joshua Echo LDR Flight
C/A1C VanWart Nathaniel Echo LDR Flight
C/Amn Waide Gavin Echo LDR Flight
C/Amn Whitt Jessica Echo LDR Flight
C/Amn Angell Zachary Foxtrot AE Flight
C/Amn Castleberry Gordon Foxtrot AE Flight
C/SrA Endre Justin Foxtrot AE Flight
C/Amn Grady Anastasia Foxtrot AE Flight
C/SrA Gregg Keelan Foxtrot AE Flight
C/A1C Hoffman Kade Foxtrot AE Flight
C/SrA Hollman Hayden Foxtrot AE Flight
C/Amn Piazza Daniel Foxtrot AE Flight
C/Amn Rice Dominic Foxtrot AE Flight
C/Amn Smith Rachel Foxtrot AE Flight
C/Amn Swain Samuel Foxtrot AE Flight
C/Amn Venegas Jose Foxtrot AE Flight
C/A1C Anderson Ethan Golf AE Flight
C/TSgt Forney Jason Golf AE Flight
C/SSgt Goncalves John Golf AE Flight
C/A1C Hess Christopher Golf AE Flight
C/SrA Kjuka Mario Golf AE Flight
C/Amn Moore Tyler Golf AE Flight
C/Amn Morris Jacob Golf AE Flight
C/SrA Purser Valerie Golf AE Flight
C/Amn Randleman Colt Golf AE Flight
C/Amn Randolph Roman Golf AE Flight
C/Amn Roberts Caleb Golf AE Flight
C/TSgt Rushin Micah Golf AE Flight
C/A1C Bailey Jonah Hotel AE Flight
C/Amn Black Samuel Hotel AE Flight
C/TSgt Fernandez Adolfo Hotel AE Flight
C/Amn Graham Levi Hotel AE Flight
C/Amn Grindstaff Samuel Hotel AE Flight
C/Amn Herman Matthew Hotel AE Flight
C/Amn Knight Christopher Hotel AE Flight
C/A1C Kroeger Jamison Hotel AE Flight
C/Amn Meyer Jacob Hotel AE Flight
C/SrA Scott Kyle Hotel AE Flight
C/SMSgt Thomas Beau Hotel AE Flight
C/CMSgt Trimble Isaac Hotel AE Flight
C/Amn Angell Kara Papa CG Flight
C/Amn Broadbent Xander Papa CG Flight
C/Amn Brown Parker Papa CG Flight
C/SSgt Cothren Caden Papa CG Flight
C/Amn Ensminger Camdyn Papa CG Flight
C/SSgt Goncalves Jessica Papa CG Flight
C/A1C Jackson Chloe Papa CG Flight
C/A1C Jackson Connor Papa CG Flight
C/A1C Mayberry Dallas Papa CG Flight
C/Amn Peterson Jonathan Papa CG Flight
C/Amn Spaulding Zachery Papa CG Flight
C/SSgt Williamson Calvin Papa CG Flight
C/SrA Albu Axel Romeo CG Flight
C/Amn Cobb Carter Romeo CG Flight
C/A1C Horton Trey Romeo CG Flight
C/Amn Lamonds Aaron Romeo CG Flight
C/A1C Linville John Romeo CG Flight
C/SSgt Lohman Gabriel Romeo CG Flight
C/Amn Martinez Asuncion Romeo CG Flight
C/Amn Michael Landon Romeo CG Flight
C/Amn Roig Alexandra Romeo CG Flight
C/Amn Sullivan Heaven Romeo CG Flight
C/Amn Tucker Kylie Romeo CG Flight
C/Amn Walburn Braydon Romeo CG Flight
C/TSgt Ahrens Joseph Sierra LDR Flight
C/SrA Ambrose Justin Sierra LDR Flight
C/A1C Endre Corbin Sierra LDR Flight
C/A1C Fields Michael Sierra LDR Flight
C/Amn Franco Daniel Sierra LDR Flight
C/A1C Haas Noah Sierra LDR Flight
C/A1C Hernandez Jefferson Sierra LDR Flight
C/Amn Mullins Arianna Sierra LDR Flight
C/TSgt Nazzaro Philip Sierra LDR Flight
C/A1C Nordstrom Rebecca Sierra LDR Flight
C/Amn Trihan Mary Sierra LDR Flight
C/Amn Weber Gabriel Sierra LDR Flight
C/A1C Wright Julian Sierra LDR Flight
C/Amn Ambrose Evan Tango LDR Flight
C/SMSgt Canale Gianna Tango LDR Flight
C/A1C Davis William Tango LDR Flight
C/A1C Hursey Carsyn Tango LDR Flight
C/Amn Meyer Lillian Tango LDR Flight
C/Amn Murray Buddy Tango LDR Flight
C/Amn Raulerson Cody Tango LDR Flight
C/A1C Redding Carter Tango LDR Flight
C/A1C Suitt Zoes Tango LDR Flight
C/Amn Velez Sean Tango LDR Flight
C/MSgt Weimar Shane Tango LDR Flight
C/A1C Weldrick Noah Tango LDR Flight
C/CMSgt Wells Hunter Tango LDR Flight