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Brunswick County Composite Squadron hosts rocket launchings in Leland, NC

—The Brunswick County Composite Squadron, NC-170, hosted the Cape Fear Composite Squadron, NC-023, for a rocketry event on 28 March at the Brunswick Forest field in Leland, NC.

Middle East Region SAR College 2015



May 15th - May 17th 2015
Ft Pickett, VA


Fayetteville Composite Squadron participates in Cadet Orientation Flights

—The Fayetteville Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol participated in Cadet Orientation Flights and Model Rocketry Building at Fayetteville Regional Airport in Fayetteville, NC.

Hickory Composite Squadron Safety Officer draws on police career in Civil Air Patrol

—Major Mauro J. Capobianco came to the Civil Air Patrol in 2008 with 27 years of experience with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. If asked he'll tell you that he joined CAP primarily for the Cadet Program, to which he brought his then 12 year old grandson, Charlie. This afforded him a unique opportunity to spend time with his grandson.

Tar River Squadron hosts CAP Congressional Gold Medal recipient, Casimir A. “Kaz” Barcynski.

—The Tar River Composite Squadron enjoyed a presentation by Casimir A. “Kaz” Barcynski on March 19, 2015 at the Rocky Mount - Wilson Regional Airport. Barcynski is one of the Civil Air Patrol volunteers that served in CAP during World War II who was honored with the Congressional Gold Medal on Capitol Hill in December 2014.

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