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Raleigh-Wake Cadets Support State Emergency Operations Center

—Three Civil Air Patrol cadets and two senior members from the Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron responded to the call for support from the North Carolina Emergency Operations Center (EOC) early on the morning of Tuesday, February 17, 2105, to support North Carolina’s emergency responders following the severe winter storm that brought ice and snow to a large portion of the state


C/Col John Robertson Appointed to the US Air Force Academy

—I cannot stress enough that these lessons I learned in CAP were only a few of the lessons I had to learn in order to earn my appointment. My CAP career alone could never have gotten me there. To earn an Academy appointment, one must also make great grades in high school and stay active in organized sports on top of demonstrating potential for leadership. It was CAP that gave me the motivation I needed to excel in everything else.

I survived Winter Ranger School!

—The NCWG Winter Ranger School (“WRS”) was held on Feb. 6-8, 2015 at Morrow Mountain State Park in Albemarle, NC. WRS taught cadets and Senior Members many useful search and rescue skills. We learned how to hike for miles with full packs, to read maps by headlamp, to use compasses and how to function outdoors safely so we can locate and rescue others when needed

Gastonia Squadron – Experiences of a Cadet at Ranger Training

—The NC Wing Ranger Training Weekend was held February 6th - 8th at Morrow Mountain State Park. Ranger Training Weekend is a chance for cadets to begin or advance their training for search and rescue operations and to obtain a grade of ranger certification. Ranger certification is recognized nationally throughout Civil Air Patrol. The Gastonia Composite Squadron had two cadets attend this training event.

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