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NC Wing Annual Conference

Photo by Capt. Don Penven
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The Riverside Hilton, Wilmington, NC


The North Carolina Wing held its annual fall Conference at the Riverside Hilton Inn, Wilmington, NC. Lt. Col. John Maxfield served as Master of Ceremonies for the General Assembly, which began shortly after 9:00 a.m.

After formal introductions of the head table, Ms. Susie Parker, CAP National HQs. gave highlights for CAP. National membership is now at 60,812 with a 10% increase in cadets signing up. New testing programs are now online including the Basic Officers Course.

Ms. Parker stated that a number of states now have the SLS and CLC programs on line, and there has been increased interest in some states for establishing Facebook and twitter pages.

Col. Joseph Vazquez, MER Commander said that our region is first place nationally for aircraft usage. He also indicated that the NC Wing is next in line for a new GA1000-equipped aircraft.

Brief comments were also offered by CAPUSAF Liaison Officer, Lt. Col. Kevin Hubbard and The NC National Guard Commander, Brig. Gen. Iwan Clontz.

After Maj. John Kay introduced the NC Wing staff, Wing Commander, Col. Roy Douglass introduced a PowerPoint slide presentation, which listed accomplishments of many of the Wing’s directorates.

The awards ceremony included the following:

Ribbon of Achievement – Capt. Mauro Capobianco

Commander’s Commendation – Chaplain/Lt. Col. Wayne Byerly

Orientation Pilot of the Year – Capt. Charles Dawson

2nd Place “O” Pilot – Maj. Fred Eldredge

3rd Place “O” Pilot – Lt. Col. James Carr

Property Manager Officer of the Year – Capt. Linda

DavisMedical Officer of the Year – Maj. William Ryan

Public Affairs Officer of the Year – Maj. Mary Anne Fleagle

Safety Officer of the Year – Capt. Michael McCoury

Col. Dion E. DeCamp Ground Team of the Year – Burlington Composite Squadron

Cadet of the Year – Cadet Col. Barry Feinstein

Lt. Col. Hubbard and Col. Vazquez presented the Gill Rob Wilson Award to Lt. Col. Maurice Thomas of the MER Staff

Maj. John Kay received promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.


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