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Four Majors, Isn't Minor

Asheville Promotions
David Newman, Jim McNab and Barbara and Richard Bow in front of NC Wing Headquarters in Burlington after passing their promotion board. Photo by Lt. Col. Bob Bauer (Click on photo to enlarge) (click image to view full size)
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Four Asheville Captains Reach Field Grade

1/1/2012–– The Asheville Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) just set a state record for the organization. Indeed, it could be a national record as the squadron had four of its senior member captains promoted to the field grade rank of major. 

Richard and Barbara Bow, David Newman and Jim McNabb were all promoted  at the North Carolina CAP Wing Headquarters in Burlington where they went for a review board interview after meeting all other requirements for the promotion. 

The board met with all of the candidates initially and interviewed them on the personal background, their achievements and awards in CAP, their position and duties in the squadron and finally what they want to achieve in the future with CAP.

 “I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of Majors Richard and Barbara Bow, along with Majors David Newman and Jim McNab. As volunteers with the Asheville Composite Squadron, they give tirelessly to give back to our community,” said Maj. Joe Weinflash, Commander, Asheville Composite Squadron. “Achieving the grade of major takes years of work and accomplishments and is coveted greatly. It is a rare moment in Civil Air Patrol when four officers attain this field grade on the same day. As their Squadron Commander, I applaud their efforts, congratulate them on their achievement and thank them for their service to their community and nation.”

Weinflash's sentiments were echoed by Group 1 commander Lt. Col. Bob Bauer, whose group includes the Asheville Squadron. “As members of Asheville Squadron, they have always been greatly involved in the activities of the squadron and Wing. All of them have taken time from their own lives to become engaged in squadron training, meetings and missions,” said Bauer.

Each candidate was voted on by the promotion board and all were unanimously nominated for promotion. The board members were Col. Roy Douglass, NC Wing Commander, Lt. Col John Kay, NC Wing Vice Commander, Lt. Col Robert Bauer, Group 1 Commander and Capt. JamesThomasson, NC Wing Personnel Officer.