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MER-NCWG Annual Conference

North Raleigh Hilton
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North Raleigh Hilton Hosts MER-NCWG Annual Conference (click image to view full size)
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Conference Dates March 23-25, 2012



Visit the website for more information: 

The paragraphs below will give you some idea of the seminars we have planned.  In addition, Vanguard Industries will be set up in one of the breakout rooms and will be offering CAP uniforms and insignia for sale all day on Saturday.  Please be sure to visit them and thank them for taking their time to travel to Raleigh.

 Safety Training

MER Safety and CAP/SE will offer the NHQ course "Introduction to Mishap Reviews".   This is a "how-to" course for individuals who might be appointed to conduct a review of the circumstances of a CAP mishap.   It is appropriate for commanders, safety officers, inspectors, activity directors, and operations officers at all levels of the organization.   It would be of interest to all aircrew, ground team personnel, mission staff, and activity staff personnel. 

 Aerospace Education

What can I do to keep my senior members and cadets up-to-date with aerospace happenings? Where do I find current events to talk about? What resources does the Wing, the Region, and National provide? How can I learn more to make myself a better Aerospace Education Officer? Find the answers to these questions and more as we explore one of CAP's three missions

 Homeland Security/Counter Drug

This meeting is primarily for the Wing HLS & CD Officers in the Region and or their designee. Wing CD/HLS officers are strongly encouraged to attend.  Any Wing HLS/CD officer unable to attend should designate in writing and forward to the MER HLS Officer the name of the person who will attend in his/her absence prior to the meeting.

 The purpose of the meeting is to facilitate better coordination and communication within the region HLS community.   We will be discussing integration of Wings that have historically done few CD/HLS missions into the mix with those that do numerous.  Additionally we will be discussing upcoming policy changes in the region that will effect mission participation. The Region Commander will also be addressing the group.

 Professional Development

Lt Col Feliciano (MER/PDO) will host a seminar on Professional Development.  This is geared primarily to those senior members who are new to the program and want to know how they progress.  It is also open to those who want a refresher on what they need to go further in the CAP career.  It will also go into changes to CAPR 50-17.

 Cadet Programs

The Cadet Programs seminars will offer the opportunity to any cadets present to compete in the Cadet Speak Off.  Cadets may compete in either the Novice, Advanced or Contemporaneous competitions.  Judging will be conducted members of Toastmasters International and CAP senior members.  In addition, there will be a general discussion regarding Cadet Programs and a seminar on Drug Demand Reduction and how to implement the DDR program as part of the Cadet Program.  There will also be a Cadet Advisor Council Meeting.  Each wing is expected to have their primary or alternate representative present at the conference for this meeting.  Cadet members of the region CAC wishing to place items on the agenda should contact Lt. Col. Midkiff.

 Public Affairs

PAO/PIO for 2012 and Beyond

This MER-Specific Seminar will encompass a brief review of CAPR 190-1, and if the newest revision is available, an update on the most significant changes. This session will also cover the PIO Handbook as well as coverage of National’s Media Relations Guidelines for Civil Air Patrol and its impact on Air Force and Corporate Missions. A special section will be offered on Unit Websites and Social Media Sites, Is you unit site LEGAL.  Participants are urged to bring along your laptops or iPads, and specific downloads of the training materials will be sent via Email in advance of the conference weekend.

Lt. Col. Anthony Biondo, Lt. Col. Conrad D’Cruz, Capt. Don Penven

  Information Technology

This forum will be of interests to all who are interested in using web sites and social media to attract the attention of CAP members and the general public to their local activities.  It will also be your opportunity to exchange ideas on how to improve the usability of not only the MER web site, but your wing, group or squadron web site.  Discussions about how to best use E-Services may also be brought up.

 Commanders Call

 This will be a meeting of the command staffs of all seven wings with the region command staff.  All wing commanders are expected to attend and their vice commanders and chiefs of staff are welcome as well.  National Command staff may also visit us during this meeting.  Wing Commanders wishing to place items on the agenda should notify Col. Moseley and Col. Ragland in advance, although there will be time for each wing to discuss current and planned activities. 

 Middle East Region Staff Meeting (Sunday Morning)

 This is a mandatory meeting for all members of the region staff to be led primarily by Lt. Col. Griffin and Col. Ragland.  Members of the MER Staff that wish to place items on the agenda should contact Lt. Col. Griffin.

 Middle East Region Finance Committee Meeting (Sunday Morning)

 This will be the required quarterly meeting of the region Finance Committee. All Finance Committee Members are expected to attend this meeting.  Members of the committee that wish to place items on the agenda should contact Lt. Col. Griffin.