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NC Wing Completes Guided Training Exercise

GTE April 2012
Former FEMA Trailer converted by Asheville unit served as Comm Center. Photo by: capt Don Penven (click image to view full size)
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Four Aircraft and Three Ground Team Complete Assignments

4/22/2012–– Shortly after 1:00 p.m. today (April 21, 2012) rain showers began to form from Asheville along a line extending to the northeast to the Virginia border. Indications, based on National Weather Service observations, were that the likelihood for thunderstorms was developing. This led to the decision to close the mission and recall personnel.

All active aircraft and ground teams were directed to return to their point of departure. Air operations were directed by Maj. John May, who said that four of the NC Wing’s aircraft completed 14 sorties, which included tracking Emergency Location Beacons (ELTs) and providing coordinates to ground  teams. Aerial photography assignments were also completed.

Directing ground team operations was Maj. Pete Bohler. “We had three ground teams that completed three sorties while working with our aircraft,” Bohler said.

It should be noted that some wing aircraft along with senior members and cadets were actively  participating in an Aerospace Education training event near Roanoke Rapids.

Incident Commander, Maj. Joe Weinflash stated, ”The Air Force was on hand throughout the mission observing our emergency services activities, and they will be providing their final report shortly. Our senior and cadet members received invaluable experience—sharpening their skills for real-world missions. Additional photos on

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