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NC-170 Brunswick County Composite Squadron continues External AE Program.

Capt Nicholas, Lt Hart and students showing their completed end effectors.
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Capt Nicholas, Lt Hart and students showing their completed end effectors. Photo Credit: Robin Russ, teacher at Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School (click image to view full size)
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Squadron’s third visit to elementary school since July 2014.

1/21/2015––The Brunswick County Composite Squadron has been active in bringing aerospace education to students in the Community In Schools program this past summer and has continued this effort with a recent visit on 15 January to the Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School in Ash, NC.  On the third visit to the school since July, AEO Capt Kathy Nicholas and 1st Lt Dick Hart gave a total of fifty second and third graders in the afterschool program a presentation on robotics in three separate sessions.

The program began with a short PowerPoint presentation on robots and robotics and how they are used in industry, everyday life and toys.  Animal animatronics were incorporated in the presentation as the students are learning about animals and their habitats this month in their afterschool program. 
Students also learned how the Canadarm on the International Space Station works, showing the End Effector on the end of the robotic arm.  They then made their own end effector from Styrofoam cups, string and tape.  This is one of the many activities in the CAP Aerospace Education Excellence program.
A demonstration of two robotic arms that the NC-170 cadets built and use in their STEM Kit program was given.  The students then took turns manipulating the arms, using them to pick up blocks.  There were plenty of smiles when the students left with their end effectors.  Capt Nicholas and Lt Hart are looking forward to their next visit to the Jessie Mae Monroe School.
Article input provided by Capt Kathy Nicholas, AE Officer, MER-NC-170.