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First Cadet Command Leading the Way at Sugar Valley

C/Capt Casey Carnes accepts the squadron flag from Lt Lee Kosub, NC052/CDC
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C/Capt Casey Carnes accepts the squadron flag from Lt Lee Kosub, NC052/CDC. Photo credit: 1st Lt Deborah Leighton, NC052/PAA (click image to view full size)
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Successful cadets take on leadership and mentoring responsibilities for growing program

1/20/2015–– The Sugar Valley Composite Squadron is pleased to announce the installation of its first cadet command staff. At the newly formed squadron, Sugar Valley senior cadet programs officers have been grooming cadets to take over program leadership responsibilities. At the squadron’s awards banquet, the cadet command staff was officially installed. The cadet command staff will be taking over the planning of all cadet meetings and will play an integral part in the planning of all cadet activities. They will mentor newer cadets and begin training their eventual replacements; this development of younger cadets is a critical part of the leadership training that makes the Civil Air Patrol cadet programs a unique opportunity for cadets of all ages. 

The first cadet commander is C/Capt Casey Carnes. Cadet deputy commander is C/1st Lt Hannah Phillips. Cadet executive officer (“XO”) is C/1st Lt Benjamin Phillips. All three cadets have shown excellent leadership skills and are already jumping into their new roles. These cadets have demonstrated remarkable personal achievement: Cadet Deputy Commander C/1st Lt Hannah Phillips earned 7 achievements in 2014 including the Billy Mitchell Award and Cadet XO C/1st Lt Benjamin Phillips earned 6 achievements in 2014 and the Billy Mitchell Award. As these senior cadets become more experienced, now their focus turns to designing programs and processes that can enable similar success by others.