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Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron April Cadet Meeting

Fizzy Fliers
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An example of an erupting fizzy flier, a rocket which relies on pressure built from the reaction of effervescent tablets and water. Photo Credit: C/MSgt Dominic Coletti, CAP, Cadet Public Affairs NCOIC, Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron
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The Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron cadets met at the NC National Guard drill hall in their Battle Dress Uniforms. Opening ceremonies including an announcement about the updated cadet of the year plaque finally being finished and cadets Zoe Vestal, Gavin Vlack, and Miki Reynolds receiving Ranger awards.

The cadets had inspections which helped ensure that Raleigh-Wake cadets are held to a standard of excellence that reflects the Squadron well. After that, they listened to Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Evans give an excellent speech on Aerospace pioneers as part of the CAP’s Model Rocketry Course.

After finishing the presentation, they did an activity in which they made “fizzy fliers,” tiny rockets made from Alka-Seltzer® and water, which are placed into a film cannister where pressure is allowed to build and creates a force that propels the rocket upwards. Afterwards Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Massey led the cadets in a squadron-wide drill block. Logistics, admin, and the XO spent the majority of the evening cleaning out “the cage,” where most of the squadron’s records are held.  

After removing many old papers and sorting spare uniform inventory, everyone could start to see progress.  To prevent another occurrence of slow assembly while forming up for closing, cadets had to do fifteen pushups.  

The executive staff, including the Cadet Commander, XO, and Deputy Commander led the closing ceremonies including announcements about arriving on time, the Durham Bulls game, and upcoming O-Flights and Glider opportunities.  

After all the hard work, the cadets went home, having enjoyed an excellent night.