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Cadet Adam Riddell Obtains Private Pilot License

Cadet Riddell (center) is all smiles after earning wings.
Cadet Riddell (center) is all smiles after earning wings. Flanked by Capt John Cole and FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, Zenda Leiss. Photo credit: Maj Mike McCoury, CAP, Commander Burlington Composite Squadron (click image to view full size)
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NC Wing Cadet Takes The Test And Earns The Wings

5/9/2015––Cadet 1st Lt. Adam Riddell of the Civil Air Patrol’s Burlington Composite Squadron, has passed the test and received his wings. Cadet Riddell became the NC Wing's newest private pilot on Saturday, May 9, after passing his private pilot check-ride with flying colors. Zenda Leiss, FAA designated pilot examiner, stated that she was “very impressed not only with Adam's flying skills but also with his training, preparation, and the professionalism he projected through all phases of the check ride.”  

The 18 year old cadet recalls, “Maj. Jon Johnson, who gave me my first orientation ride, is primarily responsible for my interest in aviation.  I'm sure every pilot remembers that first flight.”  Not long after that first flight, in July of 2013 at the CAP National Cadet Flight Academy, Cadet Riddell found himself performing his solo flight, with none other than General Joseph Vazquez, now the Civil Air Patrol national commander, as his instructor.  Finally, Cadet Riddell was placed under the tutelage of his flight instructor, Capt. John Cole, also of the Burlington Composite Squadron. On the instruction of Captain Cole, Riddell states, “He invested huge amounts of time and energy, all with no personal gain for himself.  It speaks volumes of his character and devotion to the Civil Air Patrol.”
The cadet’s aviation aspirations do not end here. “The list of necessary ratings seem a mile long but I'm going for them all,” he states.  Maj. Mike McCoury, commander of the Burlington composite squadron, praised the maturity and professionalism of the cadet, “Adam is an outstanding young man that is going places.  There is no doubt that he will achieve whatever he sets out to do in aviation or anything else in his life.  His accomplishments, with the help of the Civil Air Patrol, speaks volumes of the training that our cadets receive in preparation to become private pilots.  Certainly, the sky's the limit for this fine new pilot.”