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Group IV Holds Training Leaders of Cadets Course

Maj Michael Michel Teaching
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Maj Michael Michel Teaching photo credit: Lt Col Don Beckett, NC-143 (click image to view full size)
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Leading by Example

6/28/2015––Group IV recently held a very successful Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) Course.  It was held on June 27-28 at the Winston-Salem Composite Squadron Headquarters Building.  There were a total of 13 students representing 9 different CAP units.

This course is designed to give more in-depth information on how to run a successful CAP cadet program.  It is designed to be presented in a seminar format rather than a lecture format, giving students an opportunity to input and offer information on their unit’s best practices.
Major Michael Michel, Group IV Cadet Program Development Officer, was the course director.  Lt. Col. Donald Beckett, CAP (MER-NC-143), Lt. Col. Eric Orgain, CAP (MER-NC-052), and Captain Walter Rodrigues, CAP (Assistant Wing Legal Officer) assisted with instruction. All 4 instructors represented over 90 years of CAP service. 
Students were:  Gene Merklein (137), Mike McCoury (022), John Oakes (022), Gregory Morris (143), Robert Huddleston (143), Kathleen Nicholas (170), Deborah Willetts (170), Johnathan Hoff (052), Linda Chandler (825), Omar Khouri (082), William Robertson (048), Patricia Allen (300), and Ann Michel (052).
Major Michel stressed that a strong and successful cadet program is determined by the person you see when looking in the mirror.  A poorly run program is determined by that same person.  That is why it is so important for Senior Members to continue training and learning.
The program was concluded when students turned in their evaluation forms, all indicating very positive results with no negative comments.
Lt. Col. Ron Cheek, Group IV Commander, made closing comments and presented each student with their certificate of completion.  Instructors were presented with a certificate for their participation as well.