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NC Wing Units named Quality Cadet Unit for 2014-2015

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Ten NC units shine in the Middle East Region.

9/22/2015–– Congratulations to the following units in NC Wing on being named a Quality Cadet Unit for 2014-2015, with # of criteria met shown in parentheses:

MER-NC-019  Asheville Composite Squadron (6)
MER-NC-022  Burlington Composite Squadron (6)
MER-NC-048  Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron (7)
MER-NC-052  Sugar Valley Composite Squadron (8)
MER-NC-057  Tar River Composite Squadron (6)
MER-NC-111  111th Search & Rescue Composite Squadron (7)
MER-NC-126  Goldsboro Composite Squadron (6)
MER-NC-145  Franklin County Composite Squadron (7)
MER-NC-301  Apex Cadet Squadron (7)
MER-NC-825  The NC Leadership Academy Cadet Squadron (6)
NC had 10 of the 37 MER recipients for 2014-2015, tying VAWG for 1st place.
The criteria for the award: Any unit that meets at least 6 of the 10 criteria listed below, as of 31 August, qualifies:
• Adult Leadership: Unit has at least 3 Training Leaders of Cadets graduates on its roster
• Aerospace: Unit earned the Aerospace Excellence Award (AEX) or send in an after-action report on a STEM Kit during the school year
• Cadet Achievement: 40% of cadets on roster have attained the Wright Brothers Award
• DDR Participation: 20% of cadets on roster have completed DDRx or unit participated in RRLA
• Encampment: 50% of cadets on roster have completed encampment
• Enrollment: Unit has at least 35 cadets listed on its roster
• Growth: Unit’s cadet roster increased by 10%, or 10 cadets
• Orientation Flights: 70% of cadets on roster have participated in at least 1 flight
• Retention: Unit retained 40% of first year cadets (cadets that joined from 1 September 2013 through 31 August 2014)
• CyberPatriot: Have one or more teams competing in CyberPatriot