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Asheville Squadron Holds Change of Command

Incoming commander of the Asheville Composite Squadron, Lt Col Harald (Harry) Fiedler
Incoming commander of the Asheville Composite Squadron, Lt Col Harald (Harry) Fiedler. Photo Credit: Capt James Matthews, Asheville Squadron, ES Officer (click image to view full size)
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New Squadron Commander brings decades of experience

10/1/2015–– The Asheville Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol held a change of command ceremony on Thursday, October 1, welcoming new squadron commander Lt Col Harald (Harry) Fiedler.  Since January of 2014, the Asheville Squadron has been under the command of Maj Clint Parker, who has turned over the reins to focus on his family and career.  “It has been my honor to command the Asheville Composite Squadron for the last year and a half,” said Maj Parker, “I feel that I could not leave the squadron in better hands than that of Lt Col Fiedler.”  During his 21 months as commander, Maj Parker oversaw the bulk of construction on the squadron’s new headquarters, in a formerly vacant hangar space at the Asheville Regional Airport.  He will remain active with the squadron, serving as an assistant Public Affairs Officer.

Taking command of the nation’s 8th largest squadron, Lt Col Fiedler brings several decades of both military and commercial aviation experience to the command post.  Following a career in the US Air Force that included service in Vietnam, Lt Col Fiedler spent over 20 years as a pilot and instructor for FedEx.  He has previously served as the squadron’s finance officer, and is highly active as a mission pilot, recently flying several missions to assist in damage assessment following the South Carolina floods.