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Marines VMAQT-1 “Banshees” Squadron Tour

2d Lt Darrell Hutchinson and Family, SM Brian McIntosh, C/MSgt Samuel Giacobbi, 2d Lt Larry Brightwell, C/2d Lt Joshua Stiver, Capt Michael Woodruff, C/TSgt Daniel Wilson, SM Isaac Beard, Cadet Bailey Taylor, SM Philip Thornton Jr, Cadet Garrett Cawman, 2d Lt Ethan Stewart, 2d Lt Joseph Diniega. Photo credit: Maj Linda Eldredge, CAP, PAO, Cunningham Field Composite Squadron (click image to view full size)
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Cunningham Field Composite Squadron gets smart on Electronic Warfare

10/13/2015––Cunningham Field Composite Squadron took a break from their normal squadron meeting and took a tour of Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Training Squadron One (VMAQT-1) - more commonly known as the “Banshees.”  VMAQT-1 is located on Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point, and their mission is to train new Marine Pilots and Naval Flight Officers to fly the EA-6B “Prowler” Tactical Electronic Warfare aircraft.  2d Lt Diniega of Cunningham Field Composite Squadron, who is also a Captain in the Marine Corps and an Instructor Pilot with the Banshees, gave the tour to his fellow CAP squadron mates.  

The members of Cunningham Field Composite Squadron learned the capabilities of the Prowler, along with the Prowler's different mission sets and how it supports friendly joint and coalition forces.  Members of the squadron then got to see a Prowler up close, sitting in the aircraft as well as seeing the different maintenance shops and departments that keep the Prowler flying. Spreading knowledge of Marine Aviation to Cap members showcases different aviation missions and careers that are out there.  The Cunningham Field Composite Squadron was very enthusiastic about the chance to tour the Banshees, and are looking forward to doing more tours of the different aviation assets that are located on Cherry Point. 

Maj Linda Eldredge, CAP, PAO, NC160 contributed to this article.