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Making the CAP Difference for Life

Maj Cunningham talks about being a CAP cadet.
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Maj Cunningham talks about being a CAP cadet. Photo credit: 1st Lt Deborah Leighton, PAO Sugar Valley Composite Squadron. (click image to view full size)
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Maj Cunningham Inspires Communit

11/3/2015–– Major Joshua S. Cunningham was a guest speaker Tuesday, November 3rd, at the Sugar Valley Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP).  Major Cunningham serves as the Director of Cadet Programs for the South Carolina Wing and as the Squadron Commander for Emerald City Cadet Squadron in Greenwood, South Carolina.  Major Cunningham, now 27, was a cadet for six years and has been a senior member since 2009.  He is known in the South Carolina Wing as a dynamic speaker and an inspiration to cadets and senior members alike.

In his presentation, Major Cunningham addressed how CAP prepares one to transition from teenager to adult.  With a master’s degree in electrical engineering, and currently working as an engineer, he was able to give personal examples of how the CAP core values and training received in CAP prepare one for further education and success in the marketplace.  His emphasis on respect for others, keeping ones word, maintaining an open mind to change and being supportive of others around us, resonated strongly with the cadets and others in the audience.  Many heads nodded enthusiastically among the attendees as Major Cunningham touched on one element after another that he has found important in life and tied his current success, optimism and enthusiasm to his years in CAP, his family and his community.

After his presentation, Major Cunningham met with the squadron cadets and other visiting young adults from the audience.  It was heartening to see the effect his speech had on those present when a four year old young man asked to attend the round table discussion with other young adults.  He and all the cadets seemed to be standing a little taller at the end of the evening.  Sugar Valley Squadron continues its monthly inspirational speakers program and looks forward to having visitors from any squadron join them for these special occasions.