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Beaufort, NC, Maritime Museum Coastal Patrol Base 16 and 21 Exhibit

Congressional Medal of Honor display
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Congressional Medal of Honor display, Beaufort Maritime Museum CAP Exhibit Photo by Maj Linda Eldredge, CAP, PAO, NC160 (click image to view full size)
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"Operation Drumbeat" to Congressional Gold Medals

2/2/2016––  On 25 Jan 2016, Majors Fred and Linda Eldredge, MER-NC-160, traveled to Beaufort, NC, to the Beaufort Maritime Museum, to view the newly opened CAP Coastal Patrol Bases 16 and 21 exhibit - a project which was initiated more than two years ago by Lt Col Phillip Saleet, Wing Historian. The Majors were able to meet with the Exhibit Director, Ms. Stephanie Davis, for an enthusiastic overview of the process involved in setting up the exhibit for the public to enjoy. The eight feet tall information panels she created are an amazing feat!  Although it is still a work in progress, it is professional and informative, and a worthwhile trip for those coming down to enjoy Coastal NC. The exhibit shows memorabilia from the 1940s, to current times.  The final phase of the project will include mock-ups of the original hangar from CPB21, and the memorial markers from both bases created to honor the 5 members who perished during that time. Memorabilia from the '90's to the present time is also being sought.

           There will be a formal opening of the exhibit sometime this year - an appropriate way to join in the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Civil Air Patrol.