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North Carolina Wing ICP Training

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Students Learn How To Run An Incident Command Post

3/20/2016––Twenty eight NC Wing members met today at Wing headquarters for the second annual NC Wing ICP training. This training allows those working on their Incident Commander, Operations/Planning/Logistics Section Chiefs and Air or Ground Branch Directors to complete the classroom portion of the training from a qualified instructor. After a great lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixings provided by LTC. Eric Grant, the members were assigned to one of four teams with a challenging table top exercise where each member assumed the role for what they were training in to interact as a team with a missing aircraft scenario.

The training was organized by Maj. John May, NC Wing Director of Emergency Services. Instructors included LTC. Andy Wiggs, LTC. Pete Bohler, LTC. Craig Richardson, Maj. Jason Bailey, Maj. Chris Bailey, Maj. Dennis Bissell, and Maj. John May.

As the members return to their home units, they will be participating in local training and actual missions to complete their sortie requirements. The goal for next year will be for each member to attend in the next specialty track and allow the Wing to have an even stronger Incident Command staff.