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North Carolina Wing Completes Successful Encampment

2016 Encampment formation
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2016 Encampment Students and Staff PHOTO CREDIT: 2016 Summer Encampment PAO staff (click image to view full size)
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Cadets enjoy fun-filled week of flying and training

7/10/2016––The North Carolina Wing Encampment was held at the Stanley County Air National Guard base during the week of June 18 – 25, 2016.  There were 126 cadet students that attended encampment with an additional 99 cadet and senior staff that managed the encampment.  The week was full of hard work, flying, training and fun.

The cadet students started arriving on Saturday, June 18.   Encampment started for them immediately at check-in where they found out what flight they were in and where they would be sleeping.  From that point on, the cadet students were told where to go, quizzed on relative information, practiced drill, participated in physical fitness and attended opening and closing daily formations.
Training varied each day and some was focused upon what they signed up for.  Training and experiences that everyone was able to enjoy included cadet orientation rides in Cessna 172 and 182 aircraft, C130 rides and eating Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) during lunch.  Other classes that were held included character development, first aide, model rocketry, ground team training and color guard training.  The cadets also learned about firearm and shooting safety.  Any cadet who desired received the opportunity to shoot and possibly qualify for the NRA marksmanship award.  In the evenings, cadets were able to enjoy some kind of fun activity ranging from soccer to volleyball and other fun activities they came up with.
Our North Carolina Wing Encampment was also a record setting one!  For the first time in CAP history, a Reserved Officers Training Corp (ROTC) cadet participated in a CAP encampment as a TAC Officer. East Carolina University ROTC Cadet 1st Lieutenant Jacquelyn Nance spent the week with us working with the cadets.  By the end of encampment, both cadets and seniors were impacted by the leadership and mentoring she provided.  She impacted and left everyone a little better than when they arrived.  Because of how well it went, the program was opened up for other Wings nationwide.
Cadet 1st Lt. Nance said, “I really enjoyed the opportunity to be able to be a TAC Officer at the encampment.  I learned so much not only about Civil Air Patrol and their mission, but about myself and my leadership style.”  She will graduate in December 2017 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Recreational Therapy with the plan to commission as a Second Lieutenant in the US Air Force.  Even though she has not received her job assignment yet, she hopes to work as a Force Support officer, Aircraft Maintenance officer or Airfield Operations officer.  She hopes to obtain her Masters in some sort of Rehabilitation and substance abuse counseling studies and maybe eventually obtain a PhD in Rehabilitation and counseling.  Those who worked with her know she will succeed and wish her all the best!
A highlight towards the end of the week was the ice cream social where the cadets were served ice cream by Colonel Crawford and other senior and cadet staff.  Additionally our National Commander, Major General Vazquez, and Colonel Ragland flew in on Friday to visit with the cadets and staff prior to graduation on Saturday.  They were also honored and enjoyed their visit with the Chairman of the CAP Board of Governors, Col Jayson Altieri Saturday morning during breakfast.
The Cadet Commander, C/Lt Col. Holden Browning stated that, “Encampment was an outstanding experience that tested and helped further develop my leadership abilities.  I had a great group of staff that was always working their hardest to accomplish the task that was set for them.  The students came ready to learn and test their limits day in and day out.  I couldn’t be prouder of their successes.  The performance I saw this year reassures me of the leadership potential of our many up and coming cadets in NC Wing.”
The Encampment Commander, Capt. Rick Paxton, said, “I was pleased that our encampment went so smoothly, with only minor issues throughout the week.  Cadets seemed to enjoy themselves and both the cadet and senior staff did an outstanding job facilitating the event. Our partnership with the NC Air National Guard and NC Emergency Management made for a great training atmosphere, which in turn made this a year to remember.  Having the opportunity to facilitate the change of command was an honor and the added value of the presence of the National Commander at our encampment was a special treat to both students and staff.”
By the time graduation occurred on Saturday, June 25, the cadets were all marching together in step, watching out for their Wingman, helping each other when needed and everyone was working together as a team. This is one encampment for the record books.  It is one that will be talked about for years to come because of the people who where there and the events that took place.  Everyone worked hard, listened, learned, shared information and knowledge, but most of all, we had fun and made new friends.