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Civil Air Patrol: A Concord Regional Airport Community Helper

Lt Col Ron Wilbanks speaks to 1st graders
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It’s hard to hold the attention of a first grader much less 22 of them, but that’s just what CAP Lt Col Ron Wilbanks did. PHOTO CREDIT: SM H.J. Bentley, III, CAP (click image to view full size)
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Elementary school students learn about CAP

11/13/2016––Elementary school students and teachers got a first hand chance to see equipment used by two of the community helpers at the Concord Regional Airport.

Concord Regional Airport in conjunction with Cabarrus county schools has paired up with the Concord Fire Department and the Civil Air Patrol.
22 first grade students from Wolf Meadows Elementary School got the unique opportunity to meet community helpers first hand as part of their social studies classes.
“It gives the children the experience of seeing equipment used by community helpers and exposing them to real life experience,” said Ms. Kristen Brandon first grade social studies teacher.
“It’s a neat way for the students to make a connection to real life experiences,” added Brandon.
CAP Lt. Col. Ron Wilbanks, a 28-year Air Force veteran and current member of Civil Air Patrol for the last 18 years said, “I hope today's exposure to Civil Air Patrol gives those children an interest in aviation and community service.”
“I missed flying, and CAP afforded me the opportunity to give back to my community,” Wilbanks went on to say.
“There will be three more chances to showcase community helpers,” said Kylie Schultz. A senior customer service representative for the Concord regional Airport, Shultz hoped that today’s meeting would expand interest in aviation, which would translate into a career in aviation.