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Three Squadrons Team up for Aviation Camp

Preflight inspection
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Capt Gary Moore, CAP, uses a CAP Cessna 182 aircraft to discuss how to perform a preflight inspection on an aircraft at Concord regional airport, December 28, 2016. PHOTO CREDIT: 1st Lt Beau Bentley, CAP (click image to view full size)
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Aviation STEM and career event held at Concord Regional Airport

1/1/2017––Cadets and senior members from three Charlotte-area Civil Air Patrol squadrons worked with the Aviation Camps of the Carolinas in an aviation STEM and career event at the Concord Regional Airport on December 27 and 28th.

Civil Air Patrol members worked with respected pilot and former Naval Aviator, Brenda Robinson, the President of Aviation Camps of the Carolinas. They assisted in instructing the students on a variety of aviation information, from the basics of aerodynamics to a quick course on how to perform the pre-flight inspection of an aircraft.
During the visit, the camp attendees spent the first half of the day hearing a lecture and gaining a behind-the-scenes look at the full motion simulators at Fly Right Simulators - learning some of the science behind what allows a plane to fly. In the second half of the day, the group moved to the ramp of the Concord Regional Airport, where CAP members utilized the locally-based Cessna 182 to instruct on aerodynamic principles and demonstrate a pre-flight inspection.
In addition to the Charlotte-area CAP members, a number of former CAP members were also there to answer questions and chaperone the 44 students from class to class and on the ramp of the Concord airport.
“With a potential pilot shortage of 11,000 pilot slots in the next few years, its important to engage today's youth for the jobs of tomorrow and Aviation Camps of the Carolinas provides us the perfect opportunity to introduce our youth to those future aviation jobs,” said First Officer Lonnie Wilson, a member of the American Airline recruiting and retention team as well as a former CAP member. “Programs like Camps of the Carolinas are integral to developing tomorrows aviation leaders,” Wilson added.
Another former Civil Air Patrol member, Tonika Johnson, participated in the cadet program in the 1980’s. Johnson is now part of the FAA serving as Operations Frontline Manager in the Nashville Flight Safety District Office. “This program promotes aviation education and helps expose youth to careers in aviation,” said Johnson.
One participant who was in town visiting for the Christmas holidays was CAP C/SSgt Parker Stechschulte from Lima, Ohio. He enjoyed the chance to participate in the aviation STEM and leadership program. "I liked how it gives you firsthand experience about aviation, even if you don’t have a interest, you get to experience some cool vehicles," Stechschulte said. The cadet said he's learned a lot about airplanes from this program and is interested in being an Air Force Pararescueman himself in the future. Stechschulte is a member of the OH-231 Grand Lake Flight located in Celina, Ohio.
The local CAP members who participated in the event were Capt Gary Moore and Capt Jeff Smith from Charlotte Senior Squadron, Lt Col Tom Schick from the South Piedmont Senior Squadron, and C/MSgt Dylan Gulla, C/CMSgt Fredy DePaz, and C/2d Lt Mason Burger from the 111th Search and Rescue Squadron.