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4th Annual Drill & Ceremonies Academy

D&C Academy 2017
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Drill and Ceremonies Academy 2017. Photo Credit: 2d Lt Betty Doyle, D&C Academy PAO (click image to view full size)
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Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Overtaken with CAP Cadets

4/10/2017––For the fourth year in a row, the NC Wing Drill and Ceremonies Academy returned to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, North Carolina, under the direction of Maj Tony Overman. On 17-19 March 2017, cadets gathered from around the North Carolina Wing to advance in drill and to better themselves as cadets. This weekend-long event assured an improvement in all attending cadets and sent them home to their respective squadrons with knowledge in drill that you will find nowhere else. C/Capt Joshua Creech stated, “It is an honor to go from a basic cadet learning drill three years ago, to now being the Cadet Commander of the event.” Although mother nature sent dreaded weather their way, it did not stop the dedicated cadets who came to learn.

Throughout the weekend, cadets from all over the NCWG came ready to improve themselves and bring knowledge back with them. Many cadets came with the goal of advancing their drill such as C/Amn Morgan Readling from NC-052. Cadet Readling was attending Drill and Ceremonies for the first time in Bravo Flight, where he learned the basics of drill. While some cadets came to improve their drill, others came to improve their leadership abilities such as C/SMSgt Maggie Thibodeaux, from NC-160. Sergeant Thibodeaux attended Drill and Ceremonies as the Echo Eagles' Flight Sergeant.
The academy began with check-in late Friday night and the cadets were immediately up and running, beginning their exciting experience. Early the next morning, the cadets were awakened and immediately dove right into drill practice and classes. Though the weather was crisp and breezy, that did not stop the cadets from rapidly improving and advancing in drill and ceremonies. The day was jam-packed with drill and staff-taught classes such as flag etiquette, customs and courtesies, different forms of leadership, and CAP's core values.
Some cadets also came to Drill and Ceremonies Academy looking to expand their color guard knowledge and experience. The Academy offered two special flights for those interesting in participating in color guard. The Delta Defenders and the Echo Eagles both taught their cadets the basics of color guard such as flag folding, indoor presentation of the colors, and outdoor posting of the colors. Both flights were expected to have two cadets to represent the Academy as the color guard, marching in the front during pass in review. Pass in review is when the cadets show that they have advanced, marching as one in front of the parents of students and other NCWG staff such as Major Edward Angelovich, the NCWG Vice Commander, who attended as the special guest for the event.
As the Academy came to a close Sunday afternoon, there were several awards that recognized individuals or groups for going above and beyond their peers. The Delta Defenders flight was awarded with Honor Flight. The Honor Cadet of the event went to C/SrA Haley Parks who went above and beyond her 54 peers who had also been working to achieve that title. Honor Support Staff went to C/Msgt Cade Caudle. 
The Drill and Ceremonies Academy attracted 89 total Senior Members and Cadets statewide, making for one of the largest events the Academy has hosted. All students and staff left this event with more confidence in their drill and good skills and happy memories to share with their fellow cadets.