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Waxhaw Comp Squadron Conducts ES Training

Waxhaw search team
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NC-300 Ground Team members conduct search. Photo Credit: 1st Lt Tom Matthews, CAP (click image to view full size)
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5/23/2017––Cadets and senior members from the NC-300 Waxhaw Composite Squadron conducted a squadron ES training mission on Saturday, 20 May, 2017 in Waxhaw, NC.

The mission convened at 09:00 in the parking lot of The Museum of Waxhaw, where a briefing was conducted by Capt Adrian Carnes. The search was to be for a missing elderly woman with Alzheimer’s disease. The general search areas were discussed and a photograph was distributed. Additionally, a safety briefing was conducted by Capt Grace Carnes pointing out all known hazards amd insuring that each ground team member had the necessary safety equipment and a suitable supply of water.
Ground team members practiced search techniques and proper communications procedures with mission base as they searched the assigned grids using maps and coordinates. The victim was located at 10:40 and was found to be in good health.
After returning to base, the unit continued training - practicing techniques for evacuating victims using a portable stretcher. They discussed proper procedures for locating and preparing a landing zone for emergency medical evacuation helicopters and how to communicate with the air crew from the ground.
The NC-300 Composite Squadron is a dedicated Search and Rescue squadron committed to providing ground team services in support of the Civil Air Patrol mission of Emergency Services. They train regularly to keep their knowledge and skills sharp and ready for deployment at a moment’s notice.