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Deputy NCWG Chaplain Receives 2017 Military Chaplains Association Distinguished Service Award

Lt Col David Bobbey
Ch Lt Col David Bobbey, CAP (click image to view full size)
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Chaplain Lt Col David Bobbey lauded for exceptional military ministry

10/1/2017––Ch Lt Col David Bobbey of the NCWG has received the 2017 Military Chaplains Association Distinguished Service Award for exceptional military ministry as a Civil Air Patrol chaplain.

In sharing the Award announcement, Ch Maj Shannon Maness, NC Wing Chaplain, stated, "Chaplain Bobbey is a tremendous asset to the NCWG, the CAP Chaplain Corps and to the Military Chaplains Association. Please join me in congratulating him for his dedicated service to the military services!"

Chaplain Bobbey is a Master-rated Chaplain whose current duty assignments include service as the Primary Chaplain for NC-005 (Group 5) and as an Assistant Chaplain for the both the NC Wing and the Middle East Region of Civil Air Patrol. He was also the former Wing Chaplain for the NC Wing from 2008 to 2011.