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Chaplain’s retreat provides unique opportunity to visit with the USAF Chief Chaplain

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Chaplain Maj Shannon Maness, CAP (left) and Chaplain Maj Gen Dondi Costin, USAF (click image to view full size)
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Ch Maness Speaks about CAP at Chaplains' Conference

10/12/2017––NCWG Chaplain, Maj Shannon Maness, recently had the unique opportunity to visit with the U.S. Air Force Chief of Chaplains, Major General Dondi Costin. Chaplain Costin and Chaplain Maness are both endorsed for chaplaincy through Liberty Baptist Fellowship (LBF) in Lynchburg, Virginia. LBF is part of the Liberty Church Network in partnership with Thomas Road Baptist Church. Their annual Refuel Conference is an opportunity for pastors and chaplains from around the world to come together and learn from each other and refuel their batteries for continued ministry in the field. As part of this conference, LBF holds a one day Chaplains' conference for all the chaplains that are endorsed by them for ministry as chaplains in military service, corporate chaplains, law enforcement, fire, and healthcare chaplains nationwide. In attendance were chaplains from as far away as Alaska and one just returning home from service in Afghanistan. All branches of service were represented including the U.S. Air Force.

Chaplain Maness was the lone representative of the Civil Air Patrol in attendance, but was honored to represent not only CAP but also the North Carolina Wing. During the Chaplains' conference, Chaplain Maness gave a presentation about his ministry with the Civil Air Patrol and how CAP Chaplains are the only members of CAP who can directly serve U.S. Air Force active, Reserve, and Guard units.  

The keynote address was given by Chaplain Costin, the current Chief of Chaplains for the U.S. Air Force. Chaplain Costin is also a North Carolina native and is very familiar with CAP, our Chaplain Corps and the valuable service we provide to the total Air Force Team. Chaplain Costin addressed to the group the need for competent chaplain leaders. LEADERS was used as an acrostic for chaplains in particular but it could be said of any leaders. L-Lordship-Leaders are responsible to someone as well God/Organization; E-Environment – Constantly be with your people, be where your followers are so they know who you are and you develop relationships; A-Accountability – Be accountable to the Commander; D–Development – develop your people to be better off than when you came; E-Execution – Mission, Vision, Values, Strategy, Execute the mission; R-Results – What are the results you are seeking; S-Shepherd – lead them and care for them as they go forward and keep them heading in the right direction for mission accomplishment whether that be the mission at hand or in life.
Chaplain Maness returned to the state with a new sense of duty and purpose and will pass on more words of wisdom from Chaplain Costin at the Chaplain Corps' session at the 2018 NC Wing Conference in Wilmington.