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The Public Affairs Officer (PAO) bears responsibility for managing external and internal communications.

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Archives of news articles


This PowerPoint is NCWG-specific in that it can be used as an introduction to CAP and a recruiting tool. Here is the NC Wing story in pictures.

Unit Commander's Toolkit for Public Affairs

This kit provides the necessary guidance for selecting a unit PAO

NCWG PIO Handbook

The NCWG PIO Handbook is the Training Guide for those members seeking to qualify as a Mission PIO

How-To-Guide for Public Affairs

The How-To-Guide for Public Affaits is the official Training Manual for Public Affairs Officers

VolunteerNow Submission Information

Basic instructions for submitting articles to the National Website--VolunteerNow.

PAO Online Training Course

An online training program in Public Affairs for Senior Members and Cadets

Recent Photo Albums

Photo Albums from NCWG Events

Missions of National Significance or High Importance

This directive provides guidance for media releases considered to be of National Significance or High Importance

CAPR 190-1 Public Affairs

May 2013 Issue of CAPR 190-1

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