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Cadet Program Leadership Symposium

Date: August 2527, 2017
Location: NC Justice Academy West in Edneyville, NC


Cadet Programs Leadership Symposium




Do you want to become a better cadet programs officer?  Do you want to become a better cadet commander?  Do you want to become a cadet commander in the future? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should attend the NCWG Cadet Programs Leadership Symposium III.  This event is for all Senior Members who work with Cadets and for all Phase II or higher cadets.  

NCWG Cadet Programs is excited to announce the third run of our premiere event, the Cadet Programs Leadership Symposium.  This will consist of training for both senior members and cadets.  
We will be offering TLC-Basic on 26 August and TLC-Intermediate on 27 August.  The purpose of TLC-Basic is to provide training for new cadet programs officers.  The purpose of TLC-Intermediate is to provide follow-on training to seniors serving in cadet programs roles.  

Additionally, NCWG will conduct a Cadet Commanders Course, being held on 25027 August at the Justice Academy West campus in Edneyville, NC, for future and current cadet commanders.  The purpose is to provide high-level leadership training for NCWG cadets.  The course will run Friday through Sunday.  All cadets phase II or higher should attend.  
The signature event of the weekend is an open forum between seniors and cadets to share best practices.  This will allow for better inter-squadron communication within the wing and for overall growth of our cadet program. 

This is a great opportunity to gain valuable training in a running a squadron cadet program.  TLC-Basic is a requirement for senior rating in cadet programs. Staffing a TLC is a requirement for a master rating in cadet programs. Please consider volunteering to teach any or all of the courses and/or serving as a course director!



DATE: 25-27 August 2017

LOCATION: Justice Academy West in Edneville, NC



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