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How to have a successful PD program

How to have a successful PD program
1. Get a current check on performance.
Talk to those you serve, and those you serve with. Find out from them, how well you are doing in meeting their expectations. Listen to their feedback. Don't justify your current performance or blame others. Simply listen. 
2. Determine the standard they want.
Again, ask others in your unit or those you serve for their input. Listen to their needs, wants and hopes. 
3. Determine the standard you want and the standard CAP expects.
Remember that expectations may not be very high based on experience. Take the feedback and ideas into account, but remember that it is your responsibility to set the level of excellence you want to reach. Set the bar is high as you wish.
4. Under promise and over deliver.
Make promises based on your current capacity, not your fondest wish. Make the promise, then deliver more, then raise the level of your promise a bit the next time.
5. Ask "what's not excellent?"
This question will help you continue to find ways to improve your standards and delivery. Ask this question of yourself, of your teammates, and of other interested parties.
6. Measure YOUR performance.
As you set new standards for yourself, the only way to reach them and maintain them is to measure your performance against those standards. Don't make the measurement more difficult than necessary, but remember to measure.


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