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Points of Distribution

Points of Distribution Points of Distribution (PODs), is a FEMA program for managing the orderly distribution of food, water, and other commodities like ice and tarps to the general public following a disaster. In 2010, North Carolina Wing began an important partnership with the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management as a primary POD responder to county requests for POD support in the event of a disaster. Early on, this partnership was put to the test during Hurricane Irene in 2011, the Orange County, NC Water Shortage and Hurricane Matthew in 2016.


North Carolina Wing is one of, if not the first wing in the nation developing these types of programs in partnership with North Carolina Emergency Management. We can only make this work and help our fellow citizens with ample participation from all motivated members. In order to participate in the Points of Distribution (POD) program, CAP members must have the following:


1. CAP General Emergency Services (GES) Qualification with subsequent 101 card printed from E-Services. General ES questionnaire materials are now located in E-Services.


2. This includes having completed the FEMA Introduction to Incident Command System, IS-100.b - which can be taken here: IS-100.b IS-700 is also strongly recommended (required for CERT): IS-700.A


3. Complete the FEMA IS-26 online Points of Distribution course here:


4. Complete the 8-hour classroom and practical NCCAP/NCEM Points of Distribution in-residence course which is offered only by the NC CAP Wing Disaster Relief Section. The lecture part of this day-long course reviews major concepts of the FEMA IS-26 course, covers NCEM and NCCAP operational policies, and covers major safety concerns. No other Points of Distribution Course covers the details required by the NC CAP Wing. The second half of the course is a practical component which provides the opportunity for students to create an actual POD operation from scratch and practice FEMA IS-26 skills and concepts.


5a. As of July 2018, Civil Air Patrol National has added PODC, (Points of Distribution Course), to the CAP 101 card. In order to get credit for the course, Civil Air Patrol member must do the following:


b. Upon completion of the IS-26 course and the NC Wing Hands-On Point of Distribution Court, both certificates must be uploaded into National E-Services Ops Quals. in the "Other" category.


c. The IS 26 should be named: IS 26 POD


d. The NC Wing Hands-On POD course (8 Hrs.), should be named: NC Wing POD


6. You should already have your IS 100 and IS 700 already uploaded in E-Services under the appropriate Incident Command titles. Failure to have at least all five (5) required tasks unloaded will cause your PODC qualification to be denied.


7. You may also coordinate with your Squadron or Group Chain of Command to assist you and teach you how to upload your documents.


8.Upon completion of all requirements, members are placed into the master DR roster as an available asset in the event of a tasking from a requesting agency. A completion certificate is also issued for all members who have completed all required components.


9.Members will have received approval to the PODC qualification and also will be reflecting in the NC CAP Wing Emergency Services Section.