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Transportation Officer 



Responsible for all matters pertaining CAP-owned vehicles (COV). They shall: 
Ensure that all COV are licensed and registered in accordance with applicable laws of the state, commonwealth or other local 
government jurisdiction where vehicles are operated. 
When designated, review, approve driver’s license applications. 
Maintain appropriate records on location of all vehicles. 
Ensure routine and major maintenance is accomplished on COV when required 


Ensure timely completion of Vehicle Usage Reports.. 
Ensure expeditious reporting of vehicle mishaps. 
The transportation officer should be familiar with CAPR 77-1 and CAPR 174-1. 




Safety Officer

Assists and advises the commander in developing the overall accident prevention program:  They shall:

Direct and perform safety inspections and surveys of operational areas for hazards.  

Direct and perform mishap reviews and prepare mishap review factual narratives.

Plan operational risk safety briefings to make personnel aware of hazards for various activities and provide safety education that teaches the requirement for safe practices on various topics.

Make visits to subordinate units, and assist units with safety program guidance and guidance to mitigate safety related concerns as required.  

Review and analyze mishap reviews for trends and other mishap prevention information.  

Provide and publicize safety awareness information through various means, but not limited to: newspapers, posters, etc. and familiarize CAP members with online safety education programs in CAP's Safety Management System (SMS). 

The safety officer should be familiar with CAP directives in the 62 series.  

Maintenance Officer

Exercises staff supervision and coordination of all aircraft maintenance. They shall:

Assist their commander in developing an aircraft maintenance management program that ensures that all CAP scheduled 

maintenance is performed and discrepancies are corrected promptly.

Ensure that CAP aircraft meet FAA standards in order to be issued an FAA Standard Certificate of Airworthiness and are 

maintained in accordance with FARs and FAA–approved manufacturer’s data, to assure continued airworthiness.

Coordinate aircraft inspections and repairs with NHQ/LGM.

Make recommendations to the commander for the improvement of the maintenance program.

The maintenance officer should be familiar with CAP 66-1 and CAPR 174-1, Federal Aviation Regulations 43, 45, and 91 and 

applicable Federal Aviation Advisory Circulars.


Interested Parties should contact:
Maj Jason Bailey
Chief of Staff - NC Wing

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