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·        CAP Core Values

·        Updated -Ethics and Standards of Conduct

·        Updated -Implementing the CAP Ethics Policy

·        CAP policy on body piercing



Charter Items

·        Updated -Chartering a new CAP unit

·        Updated -Foundational doctrine statements

·        Updated -Updating CAP unit changes

·        Re-designations of CAP units

·        Minimum number of members required for a CAP unit

·        Updated -Size and approval of squadron patch

·        Forwarding the unit patch to the National Curator

CAP Correspondence

·        USAF and CAP grade abbreviations

·        Updated -Acronyms

·        Updated -CAP Signature Elements

·        Updated -CAP Of?ce and Functional Address Symbols

·        Tongue and Quill: The Air Force Handbook of Communications

CAP Inspections

·        CAP wing and squadron inspection guides

·        NCWG Specific -- CAP Wing Compliance Inspection Guide   (needs link)



·        CAP Protocol

The CAP Address

·        Updated -Terms of address on the phone

·        Updated – Terms of Address for CAP cadets

·        Updated -When to wear ribbons and medals

·        CAP customs and courtesies

·        Updated -Signi?cance of CAP Seal and Emblem

Honoring the Flag

·        Protocol for the flag and during the Pledge of Allegiance

·        Rendering honors to the flag

·        Updated -Rendering honors to the US ?ag during the National Anthem

The Salute

·        Updated -Who initiates the salute

·        Updated -When and who to salute

·        Updated –Response when a cadet salutes

·        Military personnel saluting CAP members


·        Drill and Ceremonies

·        The Pledge of Allegiance

·        Change of Command ceremony

·        Protocol for an award, promotion or retirement ceremony

·        Disposal ceremony for US Flag

·        Flag folding ceremony

·        Promotion oath for CAP senior members

·        Guidelines on participation in funeral services for CAP members

CAP & USAF Music/Songs

·        Updated -CAP Song and CAP March

·        Actions during the Air Force Song

·        Singing cadence songs during drill

·        Updated – Patriotic and ceremonial music online 



New Member Items

·        Screening of new CAP members

·        Updated -New Senior Member Checklist

·        Updated -Requirement for emergency data noti?cation card

·        Updated -Emergency noti?cation data

·        Updated -CAP New Membership Information Request Form

Appointing Chaplains and Asst Chaplains:  All appointments and duty positions for chaplains and CDIs must be entered at NHQ.  A CAPF 2A should be submitted requesting entry of the duty position.  Once complete, the form should be emailed to for processing.

Members With Disabilities

·        CAP members with disabilities

·        Updated -Handicapped person who wants to join CAP

·        Reasonable accommodations for uniform wear by members with disabilities

·        Cadet with disability taking the Spaatz Exam

·        CAP member with asthma

·        CAP Policy on non-discrimination

·        Air Force policies on nondiscrimination that apply to CAP

CAP Member Requirements

·        Updated -Requirements for senior membership in CAP

·        Requirements for Cadet membership

·        Requirements for cadets to attend monthly safety education

·        Required Staff Training Exemptions

Level One Training

·        Level One Foundations Course

·        Level One training course online

·        Updated to Level One Foundation Course

·        Updates to Level One Foundation Course

·        Level I Orientation Course Videotape

·        Patron members completing Level I training

·        Summary Conversation Guide and credit for Level One

·        Time limit to complete Level I

·        CPPT (All Senior Members and Cadets w/i 6 Months of 17th Birthday)

·        Requirement for members to complete CAP Cadet Protection Program Training (CPPT)

·        Updated -CAP Cadet Protection Program (CPPT)

·        Updated -Requirement for 18 year old cadets to complete CPPT

·        Restrictions on senior members prior to completing Level I and CPPT

·        Requirements for senior members to supervise cadet activities

·        OPSEC  (All Members)

·        Requirement to complete Online Operations Security (OPSEC) training

·        EO (Equal Opportunity training) Excluding Patron Members and Cadets

·        Equal Opportunity Training Program

·        Requirement for Online Equal Opportunity (EO) training

·        Introduction to CAP Safety for New Members (All members except Patron Members)

·        Updated -Introductory Safety Education Requirement

·        Aircraft Ground Handling Video Training (Pilots & ES specialties only)

·        Aircraft Ground Handling Video Training Requirement

Duty Assignments

·        Selection and/or removal of the squadron commander

·        Updated-Procedures for requesting a new senior duty assignment

·        Forms for assignment actions and appointments

o    Updated – Assignment Actions

o    Updating groups in my wing and duty positions assigned within my unit

o    Updated -Assignment and removal of individuals from positions in the unit

Member Initiated Actions

·        Correction of national membership records

·        Proof of attendance at a wing/region/national conference

·        Late renewal for Senior Members

·        Updated -Access to personnel records

·        Entering or changing personal information

·        Update CAP membership information

·        Updated -Procedures for requesting a new senior duty assignment

·        Requirements and application procedures for retirement from CAP

·        Updated -Requirement to carry the CAP ID card

·        Updated -Uploading member pictures in e-services

·        Submitting a name change

·        Application for senior activities, CAP Form 17



Patron Members

·        Updated -CAP Patron membership

·        Updated –Patron members completing Level One training

Cadet Sponsor Members

·        Updated -Cadet Sponsor Member (CSM) Program

·        Updated -Role of the Cadet Sponsor Member (CSM)

·        Cadet Sponsor Member (CSM) membership dues

·        Joining as a senior member or cadet sponsor member

Fifty Year Members

·        Dues waiver for members with 50 years membership

Aerospace education members (AEMs)

·        Aerospace Education Member (AEM) Program

State Legislative members

·        Establishing a state legislative squadron

·        Honorary promotions for Legislative Members

Congressional members

·        CAP Congressional Squadron

Honorary members

·        Criteria for awarding an honorary membership



·        Removing a senior member from active status

·        Updated -Demotion of CAP members

·        Updated -Failure to progress and demotion

·        Denial of CAP membership for minor criminal offenses



·        Updated -Attending National Staff College (NSC)

·        OPR for CAP regulations, pamphlets and forms

·        Schedule of compliance inspections (CI) and staff assistance visits (SAV)

·        Commander entering data into the system

·        Proposing items to the National Board or National Executive Committee

·        Inactive records of former members

·        Changes approved by the National Board

·        Senior member attendance at meetings

·        Status of members when a unit is deactivated or charter revoked

·        Updated -Toll-Free Phone Access to Personnel and Member Actions (DP)

·        Computer and Internet Courses for Beginners

·        Powerpoint presentation on Civil Air Patrol

·        Online courses to improve computer and Microsoft Of?ce skills

·        Online courses available for basic and advanced users of Microsoft Of?ce

·        Communication Skills Information

·        CAP business cards

·        Updated -Difference between rank and grade

·        Updated -CAP Of?cial Letterhead

·        Transfer of membership from one local CAP unit to another

·        Region Staff Colleges (RSC)

·        Updated -Paperwork required for a cadet to become a senior member

·        Updated -CAP Personnel Records

·        Updated -Documents in individual personnel ?les

·        Quick list of phone numbers and email addresses for CAP Headquarters

·        Noti?cation procedures in case of death, injury or serious illness

·        CAPWATCH Online

·        Former members returning to CAP

·        How to properly complete CAP Forms

Health Services Officer

·        Updated –CAP Health Service Program

·        Updated –CAP National Health Program

·        Updated –Qualifications to be a squadron Health Officer

·        Updated –Duties of health service personnel

·        Health Services Specialty Track approved

·        Updated – Advanced Promotions for Health Service Program officer

·        Cadet holding the position of Health Services Officer

·        Updated –Uniform for Health Care professional