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Senior Members! The 2018 NC Wing Winter Encampment needs Senior Members to serve in the following positions. These positions are the backbone of the Encampment and are responsible for making things run smoothly. 

Senior Staff Positions Available:

 - Flight Training Officer (3 positions)

Minimum Requirements:
 - Successful completion of Level 1 of the Senior Member Program
 - CAP Driver's License 

Preferred Requirements:
 - Assigned to the Cadet Programs Specialty Track or enrollment in the specialty track that correlates to the position applying for.

 - Genuinely enjoy working with cadets! We are looking for Senior Members who can help create an environment where cadets can experience success, [at times] failure, leadership, follower-ship and be there to make sure the mechanics of the Encampment run flawlessly. 

 - Have the ability to focus on encampment needs for the entire week.

 - Be the example and role model in both appearance and conduct. 

Everyone should be familiar with CAPP 52-24 (Cadet Encampment Guide) as we will be running this event as described there.

Prospective Cadet Training Officers (formerly TAC Officers) are strongly encouraged to attend the Encampment Staff Selection School 20-22 Apr 2018.  All other Senior Members desiring staff positions are invited to attend.

The Required Staff Training (RST) will be conducted during this weekend as well.

All personnel attending this event will be required to submit the following:


- 2 CAPF 31s (1 for this event and 1 for encampment)

- CAPF 160

- CAPF 161

- CAPF 163

All forms must have all necessary signatures. All forms must be emailed to by 30 May 2018.

If you are interested in any of the above positions, please fill out the form at

Encampment Selection School (ESS) and RST will be at Wing HQ 20-22 April.  The cost is $20 and includes all meals (Friday dinner; Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner; Sunday breakfast).  Please pay at 

 Encampment costs for Senior Members is $135 and you can pay online at .