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Cadet Competition


1-3 Mar 2019

Location TBD

Activity Director: TBD

Competition Teams: Squadron Comanders please sign up your team at .  Please submit only one form per team (squadrons can have multiple teams but each team must have separate escorts).  


Signup deadline is 15 Mar 2019.


Event Staff: Cadets and Senior Members wishing to help staff and run the event can sign up at .  Position descriptions are also available there. 


Signup deadline for cadet staff is 31 Feb 2019, for Senior Members 15 Mar 2019.


Teams can be made of up cadets from up to two different squadrons so if there is not enough interest in your own squadron, ask nearby squadrons to join you.




Date/Location: 1-3 Mar 2019 (first event starts at apx 1900 on 1 Mar) at TBD.  This will be a multi-day competition featuring the following events:


  • Indoor Color Guard Presentation
  • Outdoor Color Guard Presentation
  • Standard Drill
  • Uniform Practical and Spot Inspections
  • Written Exam
  • Cadet Physical Fitness Test
  • Team Leadership Problem
  • Public Speaking (impromptu only)
  • Standard Drill


With the new format the top two teams go on to the next level of competition so you have a very good chance at competing for the Region trophy.  The Wing Commander would like to see increased participation in this event as it now has something to offer for nearly every cadet.


This will be a multi-day event (staring Friday evening and concluding Sunday morning most likely depending on the number of teams).  Also, per CAPP 52-4 it is recommended that squadron commanders rotate interested cadets through to give younger cadets a fair opportunity to participate.  


Groups are also encouraged to host their own competitions or practices to give squadrons an opportunity to "test the waters."  2015's competition featured two teams that had a combined total of maybe 10 practices before the event and one of them nearly qualified for the National competition so it does not take a massive commitment of time and money to field a competitive team.


If you are interested in having a Group level practice/competition or if your squadron is interested in putting a team together but don't know where to start please contact the Wing Cadet Programs staff or Maj Willis directly at  If you are interested in helping with the Wing Competition please let us know as well.  Thank you.

Equipment Resources

Flags and flag stands will be provided for the competition.  To field a competition team, you will need the following items:

  • Parade rifle (2, Mark 1 recommended)
  • White flag carrier (2)
  • White pistol belts for all team members
  • White gloves for all team members
  • White shoulder cord for all team members
  • Team members will wear the short sleeve blue uniform with all earned ribbons and badges.

Glendale Parade Store

Western Band Specialists


CAPP 52-4 National Cadet Competition

Past Results


  • 2018 Winners: 111th SAR A Team (NC-111) & Boone (NC-153)
  • 2017 Winners: 111th SAR (NC-111) (1st MER, 3rd NCC) & Boone (NC-153) (3rd MER)
  • 2016 Winners: 111th SAR (NC-111) & Boone (NC-153) (no MER or NCC competition this year)
  • 2015 Winners: Raleigh-Wake (NC-048) (1st MER, 4th NCC) & Fayetteville (NC-007) (3rd MER)
  • 2014 Color Guard: Raleigh Wake (NC-048) (no MER or NCC competition this year)
  • 2014 Drill Team: Fayetteville (NC-007) (no MER or NCC competition this year)
  • 2013 Color Guard: Fayetteville (NC-007) (4th MER)
  • 2013 Drill Team: Apex (NC-301) (1st MER, 4th NCC)
  • 2011: Drill Team: Apex (NC-801) (1st MER, 2nd NCC)
  • 2010: Drill Team: Ashville (NC-019) (1st MER, 2nd NCC)
  • 2010: Color Guard: Apex (NC-801) (2nd MER)
  • 2009: Drill Team: Apex (NC-801) (1st MER, 2nd NCC)
  • 2008: Drill Team: Apex (NC-801)
  • 2007: Drill Team: Apex (NC-801)
  • 2006: Drill Team: Apex (NC-801)
  • 2005: Drill Team: Apex (NC-801)
  • 2004: Drill Team: Apex (NC-801)
  • 1999: Drill Team: Raleigh-Wake (NC-048)
  • 1998: Drill Team: Raleigh -Wake (NC-048)
  • 1997: Drill Team: Raleigh-Wake (NC-048)
  • 1996: Drill Team: 111th SAR (NC-111)
  • 1995: Drill Team: Raleigh-Wake (NC-048)
  • 1994: Drill Team: Raleigh-Wake (NC-048)
  • 1993: Drill Team: Raleigh-Wake (NC-048)

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