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Executive and Squadron Officer Staff Applications
Deadline: 31 Dec 2017

Interviews and training for the executive and squadron officer staff will be held at Wing HQ 12-14 Jan 2018.  Anyone interested in apply for the following positions need to apply by 31 Dec 2017:

  • Cadet Commander
  • Cadet Deputy Commander - Operations
  • Cadet Deputy Commander - Support
  • Cadet Operations Squadron Commander
  • Cadet Squadron Commander
  • Cadet Squadron Executive Officer 

All other staff position interviews will be held at a later date.

This year we are implementing minimum grade requirements for each cadet staff position.  You will have until 15 May 2018 to meet the rank requirement if you are selected for a staff position.

Below are the minimum rank requirements:

  • C/Commander - C/Lt Col
  • C/Deputy CC (Support) - C/Maj
  • C/Deputy CC (Ops) - C/Maj
  • C/Squadron CC - C/Capt
  • C/Squadron XO - C/1st Lt
  • C/Squadron First Sergeant - C/CMSgt
  • C/Flight CC - C/1st Lt
  • C/Flight Sergeant - C/MSgt 

Also, just like last year, prospective applicants below the rank of C/Lt Col must have completed at least one Acheivement in the past 90 days. 

Forms required for Executive and Squadron Staff applicants:

  • CAP Resume
  • Leadership philosophy and your vision for the staff position you are applying for (1 page total)
  • CAPF 31 (for this event and another for Encampment, both must have all signatures)
  • CAPF 160
  • CAPF 161
  • CAPF 163

Email all document to Maj Willis at by 31 Dec 2017.