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Cadet Encampment Assistance Program


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Financial Assistance is Available

Nothing is Holding You Back!


Thanks to Air Force support, CAP has special funding available to cover encampment fees and uniforms with an emphasis on serving economically disadvantaged cadets. An inability to afford encampment will not hold back a cadet who wants to participate.

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Eligibility.       Assistance is available only to first-time* encampment attendees. We can even refund fees you’ve already paid for encampment, if your family has a financial need and you meet any of the criteria explained below. 

Deadline. Applications open 1 March for Spring and Summer 2019 encampments.  Applications close 20-30 days before the start of each encampment.  Financial priority level, first-timer status, and date of application are all factors in awarding funds.  Apply early for the best chance of receiving assistance.   

Application Process.  With a parent or senior member, log-in to eServices

1.    Click “Cadet Encampment Assistance Program,” answer the questions posed, and that’s it. For your information, those questions are shown below. 

2.    What do you need to support your participation at encampment?

a.        I need help paying for encampment lodging and meals.

b.       I need help paying for a camouflage BDU and/or Blues uniform.   
        If you’ve outgrown your uniform, or if your used uniform is in poor condition, you’re eligible for uniform assistance.

c.        I need help with BOTH lodging/meals and uniforms.

3.    Which encampment do you plan to attend?    {select from list}

4.    Please click the box below that best describes your family’s financial situation. CAP will keep this information confidential. Fellow cadets will not know that you’re participating in this program. Only the squadron commander, encampment commander, and encampment finance officer will know you’re receiving assistance. 

        ?    1st Priority Cadets.  My family has a real need for assistance because we meet at least one criterion below. 

        No special paperwork is needed; you are self-identifying your eligibility on an honor system.

             a.     My parent or guardian has been unemployed or worked only part-time during the past 12 months. 

             b.     Our family participates in the SNAP, WIC, School Lunch, Title I School, or HUD public housing program

             c.     A parent, guardian, or sibling receives Social Security disability benefits

             d.    We are a single parent household.


        ?    2nd Priority Cadets.  My family has limited resources. Financial support would help because we meet one of the criteria below.

        No special paperwork is needed; you are self-identifying your eligibility on an honor system.

             a.     Our family has two or more cadets enrolled in CAP.

             b.     Encampment is a “special” expense that we can’t easily budget for.

             c.     We’ve experienced some financial challenges recently.

        ?   3rd Priority Cadets.  None of the above criteria apply, however we’d like to be considered for assistance if funds are available.

        No special paperwork is needed; you are self-identifying your eligibility on an honor system.

5.    Register for Encampment. Remember to apply to attend encampment! You’ve just applied for financial assistance, but you still need to register for encampment itself, if you haven’t already. If you can’t attend your local wing’s encampment (i.e.: the date is inconvenient or they don’t have any vacancies), check out the upcoming encampments on the encampment home page and think about applying for an encampment in a nearby state.



 Approval Process

1.       After you complete your application, you’ll receive an email confirmation from National Headquarters.

2.       We’ll alert your squadron commander and ask him or her to endorse your application. When that happens, you’ll receive another email confirmation.

3.       Within seven days of your commander approving your application, National Headquarters will email you, announcing the status of your request for assistance.  

4.       If granted assistance with encampment fees, National Headquarters will send those funds directly to the encampment on your behalf. Or, if you’ve already paid your tuition, talk to your encampment leaders about how to obtain a refund after you graduate.

5.       If granted assistance for uniforms, National Headquarters will email you a voucher, redeemable at our uniform vendor, Vanguard. You would then visit the Vanguard website and shop for BDUs, Blues, or insignia, then a few days later your items would arrive in the mail.



If you have any questions ask your local leaders first. If they can’t help you, email us at



*Cadets are welcome to apply for assistance to return to encampment, but should be aware that they will be placed on a wait list and the acceptance rate for returning cadets is low.  Applications for cadets with previous encampment credit will be processed after all first-time applicants have been served.  Cadets may wish to investigate other financial assistance options such as squadron, group, wing, or region scholarships.