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2017 NCWG Encampment Flight Assignments

Flight Assignments

Updated 23 June 2017

Student will be contacted by they flight leadership over the next few days.  If you have any questions about encampment please direct them to your flight leadership.

Last name First Name CAP Grade Flight Type Flight
Anspach Charles C/Amn Leadership Flt Alpha
Blake Lindsay C/Amn Leadership Flt Alpha
Freeman Sangay C/Amn Leadership Flt Alpha
Godino John Luke C/Amn Leadership Flt Alpha
Griffin Gabriel C/Amn Leadership Flt Alpha
Nava Galen C/Amn Leadership Flt Alpha
Randolph Micah C/SSgt Leadership Flt Alpha
Rose Carlie Marie C/Amn Leadership Flt Alpha
Ryan Samantha C/Amn Leadership Flt Alpha
Salcido Julianna C/SrA Leadership Flt Alpha
Sodt Andrew C/Amn Leadership Flt Alpha
Wright Isabella C/Amn Leadership Flt Alpha
Bennett Bradford C/SSgt Leadership Flt Bravo
Bretzik Cailyn C/Amn Leadership Flt Bravo
Buckton Ryan C/MSgt Leadership Flt Bravo
DeJesus Josiah C/Amn Leadership Flt Bravo
Friday Isaac C/SMSgt Leadership Flt Bravo
Gott Ella C/Amn Leadership Flt Bravo
Haynes Sarah C/Amn Leadership Flt Bravo
Heath Jameson C/SrA Leadership Flt Bravo
Jones Sam C/SSgt Leadership Flt Bravo
Padiak Caleb C/MSgt Leadership Flt Bravo
Parks Haddon C/Amn Leadership Flt Bravo
Ware Alexander C/SrA Leadership Flt Bravo
Brannan Abigail C/Amn Color Guard Flt Charlie
Costello Isabella C/A1C Color Guard Flt Charlie
Hess Mayikipi C/A1C Color Guard Flt Charlie
Jackson Travis C/SSgt Color Guard Flt Charlie
Miller Katherine C/Amn Color Guard Flt Charlie
Mills Paul C/Amn Color Guard Flt Charlie
Randolph Evan C/SSgt Color Guard Flt Charlie
Randolph Enrico C/Amn Color Guard Flt Charlie
Robinson Marley C/Amn Color Guard Flt Charlie
Roig Makenzie C/TSgt Color Guard Flt Charlie
Thibodeaux Aidan C/SrA Color Guard Flt Charlie
Thornton Tyler C/Amn Color Guard Flt Charlie
Delgado Nezihel C/A1C Leadership Flt Delta
Geffert Samuel C/Amn Leadership Flt Delta
Hungerford Christopher C/Amn Leadership Flt Delta
Jordan Karly C/A1C Leadership Flt Delta
Kirby Carl C/A1C Leadership Flt Delta
Langley Stephen C/CMSgt Leadership Flt Delta
Muhammad Wisdom C/Amn Leadership Flt Delta
Peditto Aiden C/SSgt Leadership Flt Delta
Perkins Parker C/Amn Leadership Flt Delta
Ruperto Maddy C/SrA Leadership Flt Delta
Taylor John C/SMSgt Leadership Flt Delta
Waldrop Cole C/Amn Leadership Flt Delta
Connor Roy C/TSgt Color Guard Flt Echo
Duncan Gregory C/SrA Color Guard Flt Echo
Godino Matthew C/Amn Color Guard Flt Echo
Heckel Benjamin C/Amn Color Guard Flt Echo
Jordan Kolby C/TSgt Color Guard Flt Echo
Leinen Jeremiah C/Amn Color Guard Flt Echo
Parra Mariana C/Amn Color Guard Flt Echo
Privette Luke C/SrA Color Guard Flt Echo
Stone Adam C/A1C Color Guard Flt Echo
Thomas John  C/SMSgt Color Guard Flt Echo
Tucker William C/Amn Color Guard Flt Echo
Whitley Chandler C/SrA Color Guard Flt Echo
Baldauff Alexander C/SMSgt Leadership Flt Foxtrot
Delgado Jared C/A1C Leadership Flt Foxtrot
Grimm Isabelle C/A1C Leadership Flt Foxtrot
Hoelscher  Larrabee C/A1C Leadership Flt Foxtrot
Jordan  Joshua  C/A1C Leadership Flt Foxtrot
Medina Joshua C/A1C Leadership Flt Foxtrot
Rehder Seth C/Amn Leadership Flt Foxtrot
Stuart Kevin  C/Amn Leadership Flt Foxtrot
Talley Nicholas C/Amn Leadership Flt Foxtrot
Thomas Beau C/SSgt Leadership Flt Foxtrot
Townsend Collin C/A1C Leadership Flt Foxtrot
Wilkinson Michael C/A1C Leadership Flt Foxtrot
Bowen Lee C/Amn Leadership Flt Golf
DeBree Jack C/SrA Leadership Flt Golf
Gott Sage C/Amn Leadership Flt Golf
Herman Matthew C/Amn Leadership Flt Golf
Pope Abigail C/SrA Leadership Flt Golf
Randolph Natalia C/Amn Leadership Flt Golf
Rose Nala C/Amn Leadership Flt Golf
Ross Isabella C/Amn Leadership Flt Golf
Rowland Noah C/A1C Leadership Flt Golf
Stanley Scott C/Amn Leadership Flt Golf
Swaim Jason C/Amn Leadership Flt Golf
Whitley Brent C/SSgt Leadership Flt Golf
Brown Willam C/TSgt AE Flt Hotel
Contos Carter C/A1C AE Flt Hotel
Davis Connor C/Amn AE Flt Hotel
Greeson Wade C/Amn AE Flt Hotel
Human Daniel C/TSgt AE Flt Hotel
Kuo Ethan C/CMSgt AE Flt Hotel
Maxfield Caleb C/Amn AE Flt Hotel
Patterson Chloe C/SrA AE Flt Hotel
Purser Ethan C/A1C AE Flt Hotel
Rogers Josiah C/MSgt AE Flt Hotel
Williams Zhane C/SrA AE Flt Hotel
Young Nicholas C/A1C AE Flt Hotel
Carbone Joe C/A1C AE Flt India
Fox Mac C/Amn AE Flt India
Gandy Josiah C/A1C AE Flt India
Goshorn Riley  C/Amn AE Flt India
Haynes Richard C/Amn AE Flt India
Wells Hunter C/SSgt AE Flt India
Ksous Ryan C/SrA AE Flt India
Metcalf Bradley C/TSgt AE Flt India
Murphy Tucker C/Amn AE Flt India
O'Connor Triston C/Amn AE Flt India
Thornton Louann C/Amn AE Flt India
Wells Ashlyn C/SrA AE Flt India
Ayala Gilbert C/SrA AE Flt Juliet
Campbell Jacob C/A1C AE Flt Juliet
Cassada Ryan C/A1C AE Flt Juliet
Davis Logan C/TSgt AE Flt Juliet
Grady Jerry C/Amn AE Flt Juliet
Haxholdt Victor C/A1C AE Flt Juliet
Holloway Jacquel C/A1C AE Flt Juliet
Moore Carter C/A1C AE Flt Juliet
Readling Jordan C/Amn AE Flt Juliet
Roseberry  Landon  C/MSgt AE Flt Juliet
Smith Kamari C/A1C AE Flt Juliet
Stephens Michael C/Amn AE Flt Juliet