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2019 Encampment Updates



Encampment Phone Number - (984) 867-6705


Encampment phone will be active 15 June - 22 June 2019 


 Key Times to remember for Encampment:

·         Student Cadets are expected to arrive between 0900-1230 hrs on Saturday June 15th (Breakfast and Lunch are NOT provided on Saturday so eat before you arrive)

·         The cadets should arrive in ABU's / BDU's ready to begin classes at 1300 hrs sharp

·         Graduation Ceremony begins at 1045 hrs on Saturday June 22nd

·         Cadet Dismissal will begin at 1300 hrs after the breakdown of the Encampment

o    Cadets (Staff and Students) are required to check out through Admin, failure to do so may result in not receiving credit for attending encampment

 Packing List 



Contraband List

Please review the following list of contraband items which are prohibited at encampment.   Any contraband found will be confiscated at check-in and not returned to the cadet until they are out-processing after graduation and clean-up.  Illegal contraband will not be returned.

·         Weapons, fireworks, knives, or lighters of any kind  

·         Offensive, sexually explicit, or pornographic materials of any type.  

·         Snacks, candy, gum, food, or drinks of any kind.  

·         Liquid shoe polish  

·         Playing cards  

·         Gambling materials, ie. Chips, dice, etc.  

·         Tobacco products, alcohol, illegal drugs, marijuana in any form including infused items  

·         Prescription or non-prescription drugs, herbs, supplements, etc., that are NOT listed in the application packet forms.  

·         Computers, I-Pods, I-Pads, cell phones, video games, other electronic devices, other electronic games, or toys. (If these are brought for the long car ride they will be stored for the duration of the activity, 

·         Personal Vehicle keys

·         North Carolina Wing is not responsible for lost or stolen items  



Security Level at Stanly County

We have worked out an arrangement with the Security Forces on the base to allow parents to enter the base and drop off their cadets on June 15th and to pickup and attend graduation on June 22nd without having to provide additional information.  This access is only valid between 0900 - 1300 hrs on Saturday June 15th and 0900 - 1400 hrs on Saturday June 22nd.

Wing personnel at the reception area who will guide you to the drop-off point and parking for both in processing and out-processing and graduation.

 If there is a change in the security procedures we will notify you immediately.


Directions to the Base

37850 Prime Beef Blvd, New London, NC 28127