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Conference Seminars

2020 North Carolina Wing Conference - Senior Member Seminars:

Civil Air and Ground Patrol - A Changing Landscape in ES

Professional Development and Your Future in CAP

NC Wing Finance Seminar

New Happenings in CAP Communications

CAP Risk Management, FARs and CAPR 70-1 Decision Making – The Safer Way to Fly

Chaplain and Character Development Specialist Seminar

Aircraft Maintenance SCAT Brief

Preparing for the Next Generation with STEM

Logistics: I didn’t Know ORMS Did That!

Incident Command and You (Yes, you!) - Making a Mission Succeed from the Comfort of a Chair

How to Properly Manage Air and Ground Sorties

Office 365, Information Technology Security and SiteViz

SAR, FLIR, Training and NC Emergency Management…Nemo Resideo

G1000 and Stan/Eval Updates - What’s New and Why

CAP Honor Guard Program Basics

Navigating CAP Risk Management

Lessons Learned - Cohort Recruiting with Cadet Great Start

Why Ranger?

I'm the New Squadron Commander, What Now?

Introduction to Aerial Photography

Suicide: Indicators, Intervention, Prevention

Inspector General Program Update

Health Services and Emergency Services Missions and Activities


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All Seminars are subject to change