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Q: What do I do with a WEX fuel receipt after I have fueled the vehicle?

A: After you have fueled the vehicle you will need to add a sortie to the NC MISC mission in WMIRS. Once you have completed all the documentation in the sortie you will upload the documented fuel receipt to the sortie. 

Q: When should I use a WEX Card?

A The WEX Card should only be used when the Unit or Wing will be covering the cost of the fuel. WEX cards should not be used for vehicle maintenance.

Q: When should I use the Shell Fuel Card?

A The Shell Fuel card belongs to NHQ. This card is used for all vehicle maintenance. This card is also used on Air Force reimburseable missions. This includes but is not limited to actual SAR missions, Disaster Relief missions, SAR Training missions. All training missions must have a F98G request submitted and approved with a tracking number.

Q: Who is responsbile for the maintenance of a vehicle? The unit in which the vehcile is assigned is responsbile for all preventative maintenance of the vehicle. Maintenance under $500 dollars can be approved by the Wing Transportation Officer.